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  1. Game of Thrones playing like some straight up fan fiction at this point. The show has essentially become a caricature of itself and it's fucking boring, nothing ever happens. Oh well The Strain is really dumb but still watching for some reason actually downloaded all the NewsRadio episodes and have been watching those as background noise. Show holds up surprisingly well and Phil Hartman is the man
  2. Baby Driver was alright, very impressive from a production stand point
  3. Kinda disappointed in the Fargo finale tbh, not a lot of closure. All in all a pretty decent season though I guess Silicon Valley may have finally ran its course. Just not seeing how many times they can keep telling the same story
  4. The new flying Oppressor bike in GTAO is absolutely bonkers. So much fun
  5. series finale for The Leftovers was great. Won't be for awhile, but I'm eventually gonna have to go back and do another full viewing of all three seasons, quality stuff
  6. I need to go back and watch the old episodes first, but haven't really had the time for that lately That said, Fargo and The Leftovers are both pretty enjoyable. Silicon Valley is okay, not sure if they know where they're going with it however.
  7. Guardian 2 was pretty bleh. Felt like a sterile cookie-cutter super hero flick. They've got this down to a factory mill at this point
  8. mostly torrents, I'll PM you the site I use for most of my stuff as it's a great tv tracker site also, I just dunno if that would cause a bunch of trouble in here or not.
  9. Forgot all about The Leftovers until a coworker told me about Season 3 starting up. That Nora character is such a cunt
  10. That new Ghost in the Shell with Scarlet Johansson is one of the bigger pieces of shit I've seen recently
  11. new season of Fargo just started, looking forward to it the Archer dreamland stuff is alright Better Call Saul just continues to make me hate his brother a lot