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  1. That new Ghost in the Shell with Scarlet Johansson is one of the bigger pieces of shit I've seen recently
  2. new season of Fargo just started, looking forward to it the Archer dreamland stuff is alright Better Call Saul just continues to make me hate his brother a lot
  3. Workaholics is soooo stupid this season, probably good timing to be the last one Always Sunny was pretty decent, kinda ends on a cliffhanger
  4. Billions is back on. Haven't watched it yet, but it's on still haven't watched Taboo Portlandia has been pretty funny so far
  5. 2015 model at a discount, all the way. The keyboard alone is enough to turn me away from the 2016
  6. https://9to5mac.com/2017/02/22/apple-comment-on-trump-transgender/ meanwhile, you can't even plug apple's flagship phone into their flagship laptop without dongles. REVOLUTIONARY
  7. Really enjoyed Hell or High Water, should have seen that one months ago. Had a modern western feel to it Dog Eat Dog was a pile of shit, although I thought Dafoe did a good job with his character
  8. Read Into the Wild by Jack Krakauer over the weekend, only because it's a paper copy I borrowed from a friend so I wanted to hurry up and get it back to him. Entertaining enough, but the author seems obsessed with this idiot kid who ventured off into the wild and ended up dying, mostly out of sheer ignorance/arrogance. Finished Technopoly and it was a fairly thought provoking read. Especially since it was written in 1992/93, and the growth of technology and the internet since then has been exponential. Raises many interesting points worth considering, although it may be lacking in viable solutions to combat the described issues. Either way, it invites the reader to take a second look at many otherwise everyday scenarios we take for granted. Have made little to no progress on Neuromancer. Reading it is like a chore and I just don't give a shit about any of the characters at all. Seems like the writing style, while done intentionally, takes away from what could otherwise be an interesting story. If this is supposed to be a hallmark of the cyberpunk genre, I think I've had enough already.
  9. Neuromancer is weird as shit and hard to follow, the writing bounces all over the place and leaves a lot to the imagination. Coffins and cobras like what the fuck is even going on. Barely even into it but we'll see how this goes besides that here's what I've finished lately: The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek On Liberty by John Stuart Mill The Rider of Lost Creek by Louis L'Amour Currently working on: Technopoly by Neil Postman (about half way through) Austerity by Mark Blyth (only about 1/4 way) gave up on: How To Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams - just a little too self-helpy and I keep trying to power through but I've lost interest Will probably try to incorporate some more fiction as I bounce back and forth between the non-fictional stuff. Gonna stick with Neuromancer for now, but it hasn't really grabbed my attention yet, too busy trying to wade through all the sci-fi mumbo jumbo have also come to the realization that paper books are superior to kindle. Personal preference obviously, but there's just something about leafing through actual pages that adds to the overall experience
  10. been playing a ton of GTA5 lately once again. That SecuroServ vehicle thieving is pretty lucrative when compared to other big money makers like heists. you can make like $100k a pop stealing and selling good cars, and not that shit that Simeon is constantly asking for. plus you don't have to do all this ridiculously tedious setup and missions like the heists. steal a car, sell a car -- quick and simple. not that it matters, since i'm sitting on $32 million, but if you need a bankroll stealing and selling high class vehicles is a pretty quick money maker that said, the cost to admission for SecuroServ is pretty steep. had to spend like $8 million just to get the office, garage, and all that shit also ending up getting the CoD at a discounted rate from holiday gift cards. still have only played the zombies, haven't even touched single player or multiplayer online. oh well, fun enough. hopefully they don't charge too much when/if new zombie levels are released