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  1. joey_formal

    GHSTS S/S 2017 Escape Collection

    GHSTS S/S 2017 “Escape,†by designers Samantha McElrath(former assistant designer at Ohne Titel) and Joseph Keefer( former assistant designer to Robert Geller), builds on the foundation from A/W 2016 and expands on their minimalist utilitarian garments all made in Los Angeles. GHSTS S/S 2017 “Escape†explores the striking architecture of Palm Springs, California and its vibrant flora juxtaposed against the futurist works of Buckminster Fuller to craft their spring collection with a punk under current. A washed out pallet of cactus greens, sandy dunes, stark dusk skies, and porcelain pinks splash across a selection of the finest Japanese tencels, poplins, dobby cloths and American fabrics for spring. The lookbook is shot by creative team behind the McQ "Swallow" campaign; J.Whitaker, photographer and Kelly Fondry art direction.
  2. joey_formal

    Alexandre Plokhov sleeve zip blazer

    good seller, great price buy his shit.
  3. joey_formal

    FS: Robert Geller, GRAIL Cloak, Comme des Garcons

    items relisted.... no reserves on anything
  4. Selling on ebay... Cloak grail coat.. really hate to sell it but need some funds and I do not wear it.
  5. joey_formal

    FS: Undercover, Number (N)ine, Raf Simons, and More MUST GO

    this batch of stuff ends within the next hour or two get on it
  6. joey_formal

    FS: Undercover, Number (N)ine, Raf Simons, and More MUST GO

    stuff for sale on ebay now, super cheap buy it now prices... EBAY
  7. joey_formal

    Recent Purchases. . . 2012

    into those supreme liberty hats, supreme coat looks like it fits similar to a 2 person tent
  8. joey_formal

    Robert Geller S/S 13 - New York

    only actual leather jacket is look two, there are two pairs of leather shorts in the collection
  9. joey_formal

    Siki Im S/S 13 - New York

    some of it I feel like we've seen before other places but otherwise I think its a great very wearable collection. A lot of pieces in the collection look fantastic.
  10. joey_formal

    Robert Geller S/S 13 - New York

    shinny leather is actually neoprene
  11. joey_formal

    FS: Undercover, Number (N)ine, Raf Simons, and More MUST GO

    bump more stuff coming this week but make me an offer and I'll listen, i just dont need any of these pieces any more. nanz your shirt is going out today!
  12. joey_formal

    WAYWT? [pics only] 2012

    haven't done this in probably a year. glassJAw x stussy show tee rg seconds tank drkshdw cropped sweatpant chucks