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  1. doublementh

    How do any of you afford this?

    I tried on an SLP jacket today. The five grand one from the permanent collection. Nearly came in my pants.
  2. doublementh

    How do any of you afford this?

    I used to be really into video games. I still like them, but I don't care nearly as much as I used to. I became more interested in clothes and music... I sure hope that if I fade from this hobby, something'll be there to replace it. I looked at a buncha SLP shit that I wanna buy, and my "realistic" wardrobe comes in just under ten grand, including tax. Yikes. No way can I afford anywhere near that. I like AllSaints a lot, but that gets a lot of hate in a lotta places. Ah well. I'm determined to get a nice investment piece, though. Somehow. I wonder what places do Black Friday/Cyber Monday with nice stuff. I remember the woman at SLP when I stepped inside was giving me the eye... the eye that felt like she was going to murder me. FASHUN
  3. doublementh

    How do any of you afford this?

    Nobody does style like SuperFuture, but so much of this stuff is so damn expensive. What do you do for a living? On the side? I'm curious. Unless you want to keep that to yourself so that lowly plebs like yours truly can't figure out how and you can keep lovely pieces all to yourselves. love you all anyway
  4. doublementh

    what are you watching today?

    peep show, motherfuckers funniest thing i think i've ever seen