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  1. shut your old ass up. fuck i look like. i never said i only listen to gucci, or even listen to gucci at parties, but i did say he bumps at parties. your rusty ass elbow. youre like 50 and getting respect here is like your biggest life accomplishment. fuck outta here.
  2. sayword show me what you would dance to. im not hating or even being sarcastic. i wanna know.
  3. you mean OLD MEN trying to converse? cause you guys just fucking reminiscing not talking.
  4. i think it was the nerd thing that got u mad. right?
  5. what the fuck is a dave matthews band
  6. by the way your corny ass informed fucking street paranoia hiphop/rap isnt fucking intelligent. cnn is kinda dope but it's not even RELEVANT ANYMORE. no one is entertained by CNN. you don't hear cnn playing at anyone's party. you don't hear CNN on the radio. stop fighting the new shit so hard.
  7. mass, how can you say my taste is dictated by the internet? your fucking taste is based on whatever hasn't been released in the past 9 years. as long as it's older, its cool with you. hop off the old shit cause you aint a fucking aficionado. split the cost of a time machine you nerds is a new year.
  8. but i do think gucci goes harder.
  9. yeah i dont have hate for jeezy. he does go hard. but gucci was doing it then and now, let it be known.
  10. who the fuck is a clipse man. for real roll out this thread you a fuckin old timer. plus gucci is just fucking doing it right now. he blew up and i dont see it stopping anytime soon. and jeezy's latest diss was fucking ass. look on cocaine blunts and youll see a history of the beef. tell me gucci aint murder his ass EVEN when gucci is on some little independent label. i mean gucci did shoot jeezys boy straight like that.
  11. hes alrright i dunno if he better than gucci tho
  12. fg0d

    Random Thoughts...

    geekin like whitney geekin like britney
  13. i got no doubt that gucci mane is the most blogged about artist right now. even the radio and tv dont stop talking aabout him. you prob think im just ignorant for liking gucci.
  14. ps im just acting silly with that mariah carey shit but for real my man does go hard.