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Favourite designers of all time?


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anyone that can turn something dark and ugly into something beautiful

who cares about the micro as much as macro

the materials he used..attention to tailoring

gotta be alexander mcqueen

what I wouldn't give to own his couture...

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Thom browne all his cuts look so refined and well fitting. Also he works with various suit styles and fabrics that make his runway/ couture very next level in my mind and his shows are always that a show.

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Sruli Recht


His every collection and even every piece has a name and story behind it.


Very artistic but without being phony about it and also strangely very wearable! 





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IMO like Sruli Recht he's another very underrated designer.


I love how he mixes masculine and feminine (well any innovation in menswear will look feminine because womenswear has all the monopoly in fashion and menswear has stagnated for the past century)


He should really copyright the second black look like DVF made the wrap dress her own.





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3.1 Phillip Lim


Among the better known ones (he's still a newbie having started menswear only since 2010) I like him a lot.


His Spring/Summer 2014 collection was my favourite of the season. Beautiful prints and shapes and shorts for eveningwear! Any eveningwear that is not the boring old suit is a winner for me and this collection had no suits at all :blush:





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Karl Lagerfeld

john Galliano for Dior

joe Morgan

more-can't think now..anyone good with denim,leather, shirting..

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