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  1. Not a fan of the gloxi sole or the fact that they look like police combat boots.
  2. Revision was started by the previous master brewer for Knee Deep, and Dr. Lupulin tastes a whole lot like Knee Deep's Simtra triple IPA. Really like it.
  3. Sending the tracings digitally probably didn't help. I sent mine by regular mail and he got my sizing perfect. I'm EE width.
  4. Would Viberg resole/heel a pair of White's? I'll be due for a heel and sole within the year probably. Have always liked how Vibergs don't have that 'shelf' at the back, when new, and the more slight taper.
  5. A lot of squatting on their toes.
  6. Listened to this way too many times in the last 24 hours and it's still playing in my head.
  7. My dad had a pair of White's that he used as a climber for his tree service business when I was a little kid and I still remember them. Typical smoke jumpers with vibram 100 sole, super beat up, with a false tongue. For me, a false tongue looks really out of place unless it's on a boot that has that makeup and is being used for that kind of real work, otherwise it's totally unnecessary and overkill for any kind of casual use.
  8. For Honor looks so awesome, but my computer is a toaster.
  9. I never take my laces out of the eyelets when I take them off. So when I'm going through the top hook, I hold it tight in the hook with one hand and can just tighten the rest with the other hand. No fuss with threading.
  10. My bounty hunters have the standard 3 hooks with top eyelet and I couldn't imagine putting them on without the hooks. Not easily or without wearing the heels out in my socks prematurely.
  11. nice went for a little drive on some hilly roads during the crazy storms hitting the bay area.
  12. For anyone outside of Japan that's wanted a pair of White's oxfords, they're now available, but only if ordered by phone from their retail number or in their store in Washington.
  13. My White's are only a little over a year old and their stitching and construction was pretty much perfect, though I've seen some wonky stitching in the past. I recently asked the current shop foreman about what has changed since the ABC Mart buyout and this is what he had to say