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  1. What are you listening at right now

    one of my favs lately, and seeing them next month
  2. Shoes that look better with age...

    bounty hunters. Distressed smooth Antique hardware Natural midsole Regular heel Vibram 700 sole How they looked brand new
  3. Shoes that look better with age...

    All cleaned up
  4. Shoes that look better with age...

    They're distressed smooth bounty hunters. I think the vast majority of people walk/run in a way where the outside of the heel is the first contact point.
  5. Shoes that look better with age...

    My work boots are getting close to three years old. Really need to saddle soap and scrub them. Dangerously close to needing a re-heel and sole.
  6. video games ruined my life

    built a new pc and starting to play fortnite and overwatch on a 144hz monitor. feels so smooth. sea of thieves looks like a super cool game concept. resisted the temptation to buy it so far. $60 is pretty steep for the amount of content they have for it. maybe i'll get the game pass for $10 a month and see where it goes.
  7. Shoes that look better with age...

    wonder what kind of sole they'll use on the whites. maybe something raw cord?
  8. Shoes that look better with age...

    2 year old bounty hunters distressed smooth antique hardware
  9. Shoes that look better with age...

    I had wedge sole red wings and then got White's with vibram 700 and stacked curved heel. TBH the White's are more comfortable, once the heel is worn in to make a smooth transition, and I walk a shit ton every day in them for work. The support the boots give makes up for the lack of cushion. It's like riding a BMX bike vs a mountain bike with suspension. If you land smooth with a good transition, you don't need a bunch of shock absorption.
  10. Shoes that look better with age...

    Not a fan of the gloxi sole or the fact that they look like police combat boots.
  11. state your beer, drinkers

    Revision was started by the previous master brewer for Knee Deep, and Dr. Lupulin tastes a whole lot like Knee Deep's Simtra triple IPA. Really like it.
  12. Shoes that look better with age...

    Sending the tracings digitally probably didn't help. I sent mine by regular mail and he got my sizing perfect. I'm EE width.