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  1. PeterParker

    WTF didn't I just buy it? What's wrong with me?

    Iron Heart 9301. MF liberty issue CPO (mk1). Well, I bought both but they were both stolen. Tried replacing the CPO when the 10th anniversary version released, but that was also stolen before I even received it. Have come to accept that I'm not to meant to own a CPO.
  2. PeterParker

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Yes, Alden for LeatherSoul Jumper boots in #8 shell. Love the aesthetic but the shite build quality drives me nuts.
  3. PeterParker

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Nice. What did you apply to yours after cleaning? In the beginning I treated mine with Obenauf's LP and it gave them that darker, duller appearance. I wasn't a big fan of how it flattened out the patina and eventually moved to a neutral cream with mink oil. Thanks for crediting me with your inspiration; back when I ordered mine I couldn't find many pictures of the distressed smooth leather and took a bit of a punt. Truth be told, I was a bit regretful when natural chromexcel became an option shortly after I ordered. Like yours, mine are in need of a resole/heel. What sole are you going to go with? I'll probably go with a 430 mini lug this time around.
  4. PeterParker

    The Flat Head

    Bought these 1001's back in 2008 or so (actually bought these one size up but fortuitously the SuFu legend beatle was looking to trade her 31 for my 32). I've mostly been wearing more vintage fits and denim lately but since I'm not sure when I'll be slim enough to wear these again, I decided to bust them out. Pre-soak Post-soak I pretty much handwashed them in warm water without detergent, which helped to get most of the starch out. They are surprisingly pliable now compared to raw. I'm hoping that washing them like this will yield less contrast and subtler fades.The low rise will take some adjusting to but I'm pretty happy with how they fit, especially the final inseam length.
  5. PeterParker

    Shoes that look better with age...

    It was shoe cleaning day so I figured I might as well take some pictures:
  6. PeterParker

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Are these a custom one-off or a Foot Patrol make-up? Either way, I'd like to know the details on the leather. Looks like horsehide.
  7. PeterParker

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Good write-up about White's and awesome pairs of boots in a less common leather. I agree that when configured as a serious workboot (e.g. Smoke Jumpers, Packers, etc.) they can be cumbersome for streetwear; however, the plethora of options White's offers makes it easy to design something more streetwear friendly, certainly on par with other bootmakers dominating the scene. I've had my Bounty Hunters for 6 years and they have faithfully served as work boots, hiking boots, and casual boots for streetwear. While not the optimal footwear for any of those applications, these boots have been very capable and reliable. I've worked long shifts, hiked mountain ranges, and stumbled home after a long night out in these boots, and I don't think any other pair of my shoes would have survived, let alone perform so well in all of those situations. They could use a rebuild but I'm ambivalent about shipping them back to White's; I know when I finally getting around to it, it will be worthwhile since these are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.
  8. PeterParker

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Custom Wescos arrived after 12 weeks. I'm very happy with how they turned out.
  9. PeterParker

    Shoes that look better with age...

    What are your thoughts on speedhooks vs. all eyelets for the ever common 6-8" boots (e.g. Vibergs, Trumans, Aldens, Whites, etc.)? It seems the all eyelets configuration is taking over. I get the aesthetic appeal of eyelets, and they're more practical if worn with dress pants (which can snag on speedhooks). However, for regular wear with jeans, speedhooks make life so much easier. With eyelets, I constantly have to loosen my laces to the point where they unthread from the top eyelets, to get enough slack to put them on/take them off. I'm always the jackass who takes twice as long getting in/out of the door, and then my hipster friends start talking shit to me in their Blundstones.
  10. PeterParker

    Shoes that look better with age...

    That second speedhook is terribly out of alignment. I've experienced problems with eyelets or speedhooks on three different pairs of Aldens, whether a burr that scuffed the tongue of the boot or an eyelet that completely fell out. QC issues like this are just one of the reasons why I no longer buy Alden.
  11. PeterParker


    Well shit, this is all news to me. I was a bit surprised by their 25% off sale last month, was eyeing a pair of FC or Kapital TH but it was a tough year so I decided against a splurge; now they're both no longer stocked. Pity that the classic cuts aren't as popular as the more modern cuts.
  12. PeterParker

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Alden Indys in Cigar Shell These are for sale, if anyone is interested.
  13. PeterParker

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Here are some pictures of my standard 1108. Bought them slightly worn, around 3 years ago. Easily the most comfortable denim I have worn. In comparison, the 15.5oz denim used on the BiG contest run has a coarse hand and is much less pliable. Both excellent denim and hold onto the indigo stubbornly, which gives the subtle fades seen on the 1108. Love how these decay, the arcs, the patch, the stitching at the pockets. A fine example of why all good things should fall apart.
  14. PeterParker

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    This is true. The first few pairs I owned were TFH 1001, Eternal 811, SExSC06; however, the only one of these I have worn appreciably is the SExSC06. I've since learned that I can wear 30's to 50's 501 cuts for work or dress. Aesthetically, they also agree more with the rest of my wardrobe. Slim straight and tapered fits lack versatility for me in that they're more fashion than function. If I still worked a desk job, as I did 5+ years ago, I'd definitely be more biased toward fashion with the modernized and ironic workwear look (e.g. slim fit flannel, slim tapered denim, Viberg, etc.). It's nice to have a slim pair going to mix things up but I don't feel the need to experiment with different cuts for the sake of diversity.