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  1. SSchadenfreude

    Watches and Denim

    ^yo i ordered cheapest nato straps mustard jawns cause i missed the rrl ones. shit is taking 4ever to get to the USA. how long did it take 4 u?
  2. SSchadenfreude

    Watches and Denim

    haven't sold it. It's a good watch. It's comfortable on the wrist (went w/ the oyster). the movement and reserve are great imo. I dunno, i think i'm just bored of it aesthetically. maybe that will change. i honestly like the no date sub better, but i'm on the waiting list for a starbux...we'll see how that goes. i've been basically alternating between a cwc and a benrus type 1 recently the tornek will probably have cancellations. all deposit orders always do. u could get on that or just pay like 50-100 more when the general drop comes.
  3. SSchadenfreude

    Watches and Denim

    i recently copped a batgirl. shortest honeymoon ever, granted i've never owned the previous batman. recent natos i copped that i think r gud r from hawkrigger and steveo straps. https://hawkrigger.com/product-category/watch-straps/ https://www.steveostraps.com/straps-2/nato-straps haveston's one pass service straps pretty cool 2. latest shit i'm still waiting on is the serica dive watch and the tornek rayville reissue.
  4. SSchadenfreude

    Watches and Denim

    may i ask how much you copped this for? i just purchased a 2004 w/ date reference. C444/04m. it is used so i'm just wondering if i paid a fair price. thanks.
  5. ayo does sycamore work at yr store? LULZ https://thesignetstore.com/collections/t-shirts/products/freedom-t-shirt-4048
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342