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  1. ayo does sycamore work at yr store? LULZ https://thesignetstore.com/collections/t-shirts/products/freedom-t-shirt-4048
  2. SSchadenfreude

    covid-2020 WAYWT inside fit battle edition

    wow u still dressin lyke a phashun-phag?
  3. SSchadenfreude

    covid-2020 WAYWT inside fit battle edition

    dad bod coming along nicely, bro. at least you not losing yr hair. do u still sk8? or bones to brittle? it's endearing yet simultaneously pathetic that you still dress the same.
  4. SSchadenfreude

    General TV show discussion

    meh. she couldn't handle online "bullying" after being a bitch. jap media and gov going googoo gaga over this shit. what about all the noncelebrities who were pussy too and killed themselves? why policy reform now? just sayin what happened to bitch's cat huh?
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