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  1. I love the J82 - WS, so many different ways to wear it! And it is such a long jacket, looks super cool having the one leg pop out of the jacket due to the off center zipper while walking.
  2. Gives me more time to save up hahah
  3. Anyone have any information about those long P30s with the zipper on the inseam to convert into a skirt?
  4. Pics of the current condition of the pants?
  5. hahah Yeah "flap to hide the zipper" was not the most eloquent way of phrasing what I meant but I find that flap jarringly unsleek. Do you like this collar more than older versions of the J28?
  6. Man I am really not a fan of the neck closure on the J120 and new J28. I feel like it is so lazy, like lets just add another piece of fabric to conceal the zipper.
  7. How much was the 3A-1 CR that came out today?
  8. I have seen a lot of people saying that P10s are their favorite ACR pant. What shoes to do you wear with yours? I find them so skinny that only a few pairs of shoes I own look good with them such as Vapormax and City socks.
  9. Any idea when the P30A long version would come out?
  10. I swear 95% of pictures people take wearing P30s have the bottom cuff attached. Am I the only person that thinks they look way better without the cuffs? Am I insane? What is the meaning of life? Who am I?
  11. I carry my 13 inch macbook pro in my 3A-1 with no issues besides the fact that there is no padding to protect the computer from bumps. As long as you are careful when handling the bag it works fine. I am sure a 14 inch computer would fit but may be a bit tight.
  12. Who is Ken-Tonio? What are some examples of their work?
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