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Japanese Fashion Mag Scans for Supergays and Superperverts


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High quality JPEG scans

You need bittorrent

For the SuFu Supergays:

Smart Feb 2007

Smart Jan 2007

Mens Non-no Jan 2007

For the SuFu Superperverts:

Cancam Jan 2007

Scawaii Feb 2007

JJ Jan 2007

seventeen Jan 2007

If somebody knows a good hosting site that can withstand a lot of traffic,

let me know b/c bittorrent doesn't seem to work for a lot of people.

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the site seems to be down for me, anyone else having the same problem?

with yousendit.com is pretty good for hosting stuff, problem is that the files needs to be under 100 megs, but maximum dowload is 100 times, which is pretty good. i know there are other good hosting sites

edit: gave you some rep for the scans

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the fucking site is still not working for me, could somebody mail me the torrent for the 2 smart mags please.

favreau007 at gmail.com

something wrong with the jpseek website links

i tried to links and its not workin but

here a working link just scroll down save as torrent


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http links for smart jan and feb

coming soon

FYI, i didnt scan these in.

I'd have to spend 4000 hours in front of a scanner to accomplish that.

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