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-yohji yamamoto

-marc jacobs

a few more i think can't remember

To update this, Netflix also has Seamless (which features the Proenza boys and a younger Plohkov rather extensively), Unzipped (for those of your with serious 90's nostalgia), and almost the obvious Valentino and The September Issue.

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i didn't see this one mentioned in the thread so i'm just going to cross-link it, one of the best fashion documentaries i've seen.


the series overall is very good but i think the anti-fashion episode is the best, they talk about how the japanese designers like Yohji and Rei Kawakubo changed the fashion field in europe, then go through the antwerp six and their legacy and some of the designers who came after them and still manage to do their own thing, like rick owens.

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How was it?


Well executed, definitely felt like a Dior commercial, but offered fantastic insight into the creation of ideas behind a collection, as well as the crazy nature of the couture process. Lots of Raf crying. Worth seeing on the subject matter alone regardless of quality really, since there is such little film content about the industry. 

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not a 'fashion' documentary per se, but patagonia just put this out. i've always had a soft spot for them.

Ok, so I was getting back into Patagonia, was thinking of getting a few things, but after after watching this, I decided against it. The clothes are nice but Patagonia brand and me and absolutely incompatible. 

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cross-posted in superfashions random thoughts, but this thread could use a bump.


lots of big names of various japanese brands/streetwear throughout the 4 part video..





also, the bless dvd is not really a documentary

its just funky clips of various presentations throughout the years

you can watch most of them here


Can anyone find the storm japan doc, google didn't help.

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