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  2. japan :: tokyo :: general

    I don't, and like most of these jp fashion brands, they sell rly basic stuff to the masses/chinese guys. Their mens isnt as hyped and it's their private sale, so they would be having runway stuff and more interesting pieces For osaka, the best store i've been to is cathedral near umeda. But they have a store in ginza
  3. japan :: tokyo :: general

    Anyone going 2 the issey sale this sat?
  4. japan :: tokyo :: general

    MOving to Tokyo next week from Kobe, ill probably run into one of you guys. Happened way too many times when i was living in NYC
  5. Urban Techwear

    NEMEN at pitti 5 weeks ago (note the j28s on the top left) https://instagram.com/p/4Ct4YZjk3X/
  6. japan :: tokyo :: general

    yeah the og is huge.
  7. Urban Techwear

    Making shit with 3m/reflective is way expensive. thats why you dont even see Nike make that sort of stuff every season. Plus the 3m fabric isnt that great besides its reflectivity. Its much easier to use other more durable, better feeling, and better performing fabrics to create a product that people would put value in (like porter bags) speaking of reflective. here are some sneakers made out of that bagjack reflective line stuff (sorry i cant provide more details/ had to crop it too)
  8. Urban Techwear

    lol sorry ment to + rep. also that farming stuff is done by the uniqlo director- also did stuff at helmut cuz its all under fast company. hes known for working at issey back in the day.
  9. Urban Techwear

    i didnt want to start a farming techwear thread https://shop.yanmar.com/
  10. Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    interns design everythin in fashion anyways
  11. Urban Techwear

    errolson is in charge of it btw