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  1. karakum

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT [EU] J1A-GTPL Black size L 9/10 Full Pack for size M 
  2. karakum

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J29-CH/-S in M out of Europe
  3. karakum


    Don't listen to Yan, they're stuck in 2015 and cannot appreciate innovation and new features. TensonZip is really amazing and I love it on my J1, it makes access just that much easier and at least to me it looks really cool wether it's open or shut. A design brand, especially one focused on fashion, will inherently try new things over time and innovate on their designs. That has been Acronym's hallmark feature from the get-go 20 years ago. They always did things differently than anyone else and sometimes things turned out shit, that's how innovation is. I'd somewhat agree with that on things like InterOps, but certainly not TensionZip.
  4. karakum


    For liner definitely J58, it's just an awesome piece that I feel great putting on basically every day during the colder times. Great utility from the huge outer pockets, very warm when it's cold, still cool enough when it gets warmer outside. Just a very versatile liner. P10 for pants because the pattern is just phenomenal work in my opinion. Every other pair of pants in a similar style I've tried feels shit compared to P10 when it comes to patterning work. Lastly for the shell I'd pick the J101-GT. Without owning one nor having tried it on, it seems like a great shell for everyday usability. No big dangly bits that get caught anywhere, cool collar, has a hood. Ticks all the boxes for an everyday shell. Obviously J1A or J47A are more exotic but I think I'd prefer something more 'neutral' if I had to wear it until the heat death of the universe.
  5. karakum


    I'd be more worried about the carrier losing my package than the tailor fucking up to be honest. If you can find a good tailor with good track record in your vicinity I'd say that's better than the best one in the country but you have to ship it to them. Just my 2cents, though.
  6. karakum


    J96 looks great on you! I didn't like it when it first came out but it's really growing on me, might have to get one, too... How do you like the chest pockets? Is it possible to store some gloves or a neck gaiter in them without them looking too bulky?
  7. karakum


    I think it is just a combination of them switching a lot of products to being Made In China and thus being able to produce more at a lower cost than in the years before that. Plus the hypebeast fad that started off in 2017/2018 seems to have died down, which isn't a bad thing per sé, since those kinds of customers aren't in it for the product, but mostly for the value of it and they were the ones using bots to buy out everything back then. Wouldn't worry about it.
  8. karakum


    Correct, and you guys complain whem it sells out too fast, when it sits for a day, when it is too expensive, too cheap, too original, too re-release, too ...
  9. karakum


    >  shitposting on Insta about how fashion industry is producing too much waste, and he's releasing these crap that nobody wants to buy lol  You shouldn't extrapolate your opinion to everyone else's opinion... J105 is almost gone in Black except for M, for example. Black/White is out of XS and XL too already after two hours.
  10. karakum


    I recently bought a pair of FW1213 P10-CH in Medium, unfortunately they were too small lengthwise (and a tad too wide at the waist, but not so much that it looks off, just 30 mm half-circumference). After getting my hands on some original -CH fabric from that season I had a tailor lengthen them by 60 mm just below the knee box and above the top of the zipper, which is a space where there are no articulation seams, so lengthening is very simple. The result is great, they actually stack now and while the look of new -CH compared to 12 year old -CH is obviously not quite identical, it isn't super noticable in normal daylight. If you can get the same Dryskin (especially important is to get similar weight DS in my opinion, otherwise it might fall weird on your legs) as your pants lengthening a smaller size is the way to go and works great! If you cannot get the same fabric you should buy for waist and have the tailor adjust the seat, which is a lot more complex and might alter the way the waist and seat of your pants look, but if it's only 5-10cm half-circumference it should work out. The rest of the way can then be tightened with the cinch and a belt (if you get some custom belt loops).
  11. karakum

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    still looking to trade
  12. karakum

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT [EU] J1A-GTPL Black size L 9/10 Full Pack for size M
  13. karakum


    In my experience DS isn't the greatest if you're living in a region that experiences wet fall/winter seasons. Once the DWR capitulates it gets soggy and droppy pretty quickly until it fully dries again. If it's just cold DS is really nice, holds warmth pretty well and if it's extra cold laying some long underpants will make you nuce and toasty.
  14. karakum

    Photography Post Vol. 2

    Few recent ones of mine. All shot on a Fuji GX680I with either Provia 100F or Velvia 50, mostly the latter.
  15. karakum


    Does anyone know what kind of fabric constituted -CH in FW1213? I know they switched it up a few times throughout the years since then.
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