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  1. out of curiosity does anyone know the oe vender for the side release strap buckles w/o the tongue tang on the 3a-1s
  2. glad you enjoyed Darklands!
  3. i don't think firmament still stocks, but worth a visit! darklands, soto, and orimono also come to mind
  4. Soho location had a pretty large collection, not sure about midtown, but supposedly some P44s up there. this was 2 weeks ago so no promises. But was a nice way to get some grey P44s for my birthday, they've been a nice daily driver.
  5. I'm assuming they're all copped, but there were some at the 260 sample sale that were Kith 2022 stock and were selling for 60% off (I think just the black) NYC folks should check as there were a lot of P41 and P44s. J58 is OG profile with then straight then wide, J91 is patterned in a way that you can cram beyond the written dimensional allowance, you can easily layer the two if they're both L. On a separate note, can folks remind me if there were two different gen of the 3A-MZ5? I have black foil with the sewn black acr tag, but I also have an Olive pair that only has a sewn in white product tag in the trim edge and trying to confirm if that's correct and what seasons it was this way if anyone knows!
  6. WTB: J67-FO sz L (open to other WS or FO next to skin travel shells for summer in the highlands)
  7. thanks yeah, just super curious if this will release as i’ve previously bugged bagjack about them as well, would be nice to check it off my decade long grail list.
  8. anyone else see the blue 3a-7ts on a model in the hbx reel e shared? waiting to here back from him on a confirmation if they’re going to drop, but it’s all i’ve wanted for a few years now and was sad those foils from photoshoots never made it out.
  9. so does it come with a (f)auxzip just sewn to another (f) auxzip? if so seems like a pretty simple diy to add to old NGs!
  10. out of curiosity, how many folks use their gravity pockets, and what do they carry? my phone’s too fat for them usually and things like a pocket tool slide right through. maybe i should carry my wallet in there for some tap to pay convenience? but E’s new jutsu had me realize i haven’t been capitalizing that space since the novelty wore off if y’all have some EDCs
  11. ^ this i most definitely agree with, scaling has shifted the passion of world building to something i see marked up on ssense and don't fully connect with. coming from the more "craft" culture of denim and apparel like that i do wonder about the long term. i do hope all the halo pieces and experiments with new forms and IP continue out of CZ. the previous note on cost is i think a sticking point and if the CN factory pieces were truly more affordable and approachable and the small runs continued their meteoric rise in cost it would at least set values amongst the works that i think could be of value. but my last rambling is that there may be production methods a mega factory affords in a way that a small purpose built facility may not have access to, but this is just postulation. niche is niche and no one likes their spot blown up. I remember seeing acr in publications as a kid, but didn't touch a piece until 2016 and I'm still infatuated with the work, but it certainly feels like going through the motions of another persons growing pains the past few years.
  12. I feel like this comes up here a lot, I don't know if it was 2-3 years ago, but the factory in china was shared and ultimately it's probably the best option for production of the garments worldwide. I do wonder if some designs are being altered to better allow for their mass production, but it really comes to that, when consumers see product defect they say it's because it's made in china, but it's really that it's made at scale. If CZ acr factory was making the unit quantities of the retailer products now, I'd have to assume their would be a decline in quality to meet that need. that said there are certainly differences I notice, but i think it's just the eye of nostalgia.
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