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Oh for leather lover I got one covered.




L-J1: to be dig

I do have some pre internet question for it.

E’s instagram there one pic and he tagged jacket as L-J1. Used to ask him but no more details. (He ride a downhill bike there)


Anyone have idea about it? And my assumption was this was production as long as with made in Japan L-J11 and L-J2.

L-J2: varsity jacket one off production(twitter confirmed), with windstopper insulator, and leather sleeves. One of warmest jacket Acr ever produced.

L-J11: J11 variant with windstopper insulator .

L-V3TS(model name to be confirmed):variant of J3 in leather jacket.

L-J40: variant of j40, made with nemen in Italy.




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Curious why some jackets are listed fabric/origin first, while others list it last. For example, the J1A-GT is one jacket, the GT-J1 is a different jacket altogether.

Also, here's some facts about the first four 3As:

- 3a-1
    - no intro needed
    - original came packaged in Acronym's first ever product, the "Kit 1"
    - was designed to interface with the early J1, then called the "Type: 2371 Full Mental Jacket"
    - in Kit 1 it was simply called "3rd Arm"—hence "3A"
    - packaged in Kit 1 with hip belt (which is what those buckles on the lower back of the bag are for)

- 3a-2
    - small bag, essentially the larger outer pocket of the 3A-1 but with its own strap
    - lots of little dividers, both inside and outside the main pocket
    - visible in one of Acronym's earliest product videos: https://vimeo.com/37657451

- 3a-3
    - original version of this had zipper pockets on the front, no webbing
    - visible in one of Acronym's earliest product videos (see: 3A-2)
    - 3a-3ts
        - later version with webbing added for modulars

- 3a-4
    - arm-band sleeve thing
    - possibly only produced once?
    - visible in one of Acronym's earliest product videos (see: 3A-2)

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