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  1. In the case of the 3A-1, "Acronym Sound" refers to the system of holes through which you can pass a headphone cable. There's one at the to of the back, and one at the top of each internal hanging pocket.
  2. The one where the guy was asking if tactical boots were techwear-compatible made me want to pluck my eyes out with chopsticks. Much as we might joke about lumbersexuals etc., I actually prefer this guy's fit to 90% of these tech ninjas.
  3. This may or may not sound ridiculous, but my interest in Acronym has always been about design; I'm interested in my 3A-1 for the same reasons I'd be interested in a chair or a cellphone: affordances, functionality... the aesthetic is great, and Acronym obviously has a whole world of works it's drawing from (some of which I like a lot, like Gibson or Moebius), but if Errolson decided to do a waxed cotton Barbour-style jacket, but with Acronym design, I'd be just as interested. All of this is to say, I'm interested in technical clothing for its affordances, not its aesthetics alone. "Techwear" has become an aesthetic, and that makes me very uncomfortable; it reminds me of how modernism was co-opted during the mid-20th century.
  4. I just had a look at r/techwearclothing. Fuck. This sort of thing really repels me...
  5. Mystery seemingly solved: erlsn says 3a-wb2 from 2011.
  6. Not sure if you're kidding, but to my eyes it doesn't look like any of the 1k belts. I know that acr produced belts early on, but I don't have photos.
  7. Anyone know what the belt is in that video? Is it oldschool or newschool? Looks like it would be pretty easy to DIY...
  8. If the copy under the photos is to be believed, "zip a" actually is an escape zip. Possibly a typo, but have a look on the website.
  9. 100% agree on the foil modulars—they seem a bit much to me. But to be fair, most of the OG acronym modulars can be purchased from bagjack in some form. Plus... it's just MOLLE...
  10. Kind of think the criticism of the j1ts is hilarious. This is pure acronym. I get that the webbing is a little odd, but I remember finding the big square front pocket on the j1a a little odd, years ago. This stuff only sort of makes sense when you look at it—usually physically using/wearing it is when it makes sense. I'm curious about those new arm pockets.
  11. You'd use an independent service, which has addresses in cities all along the border—say, Buffalo—and you'd use that address when ordering from Acronym. Once the thing is shipped, you'd go through the same process as the one outlined above for avoiding import costs. The thing gets delivered to the Buffalo address, and then you cross the border yourself, pick the thing up, take it home (hoping border guards don't nail you—they're pretty lax when you're heading into Canada though.
  12. Outlier. Cheaper (even with god-awful shipping fees) and a better handfeel. The ultrafine is the classic one—a nice simple tshirt, super comfortable—but you might consider my personal favourite, the runweight, which is cheaper and is a bit more versatile as a base-layer.
  13. You might consider a "ship-to-the-border" service, if you're within range.
  14. https://www.bagjackshop.com/en/nxl-lines/tech-line/sniper-bag/a-1678/ (It comes in non-camo, but that option isn't featured in the pics.) Also: has ACG been pulled from the Nike site? Didn't realize they did that...
  15. WTB: NG3-PS