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  1. You'd use an independent service, which has addresses in cities all along the border—say, Buffalo—and you'd use that address when ordering from Acronym. Once the thing is shipped, you'd go through the same process as the one outlined above for avoiding import costs. The thing gets delivered to the Buffalo address, and then you cross the border yourself, pick the thing up, take it home (hoping border guards don't nail you—they're pretty lax when you're heading into Canada though.
  2. Outlier. Cheaper (even with god-awful shipping fees) and a better handfeel. The ultrafine is the classic one—a nice simple tshirt, super comfortable—but you might consider my personal favourite, the runweight, which is cheaper and is a bit more versatile as a base-layer.
  3. You might consider a "ship-to-the-border" service, if you're within range.
  4. https://www.bagjackshop.com/en/nxl-lines/tech-line/sniper-bag/a-1678/ (It comes in non-camo, but that option isn't featured in the pics.) Also: has ACG been pulled from the Nike site? Didn't realize they did that...
  5. WTB: NG3-PS
  6. Which webbing would I have to cut? I'm pretty sure the widths are right, aren't they? And which 3-point is the acronym one? Is it on the site?
  7. Added stability—if I'm riding a bike (or even just running) the bag will clap around. The 3-point would keep it in place, in theory.
  8. Still hunting for an NG3-PS. Ideally in good shape, not picky about bags/tags.
  9. I posted this question in the bag thread, but thought I'd ask here as well—does anyone know if I'll have any issues attaching one of Bagjack's 3-point straps to my 3A-1? It looks like it should work in theory, but will it affect interops functionality? Any other issues?
  10. Haven't had the chance to handle it, but I'll point out that there's a "plain" black version available on the product page—it's just not in any of the product photos. In any case, that's the first bag I've seen since buying my 3a-1 that feels like something I'd want to buy... just not sure about the external branding. Also—I expect this has been discussed in the past, but will the bagjack 3-point strap work fine with my 3a-1? The straps seem like they should fit, but I wanted to check.
  11. WTB: NG3-PS
  12. Slow time of year—I'm guessing SS-17 comes around March? What are you all hoping for this drop? Personally, I'm hoping to snag a j1b-s (or some other "-s" shell), maybe a 3a-2...
  13. The reason I ask is that I tried the j58 in medium and the shoulders were too tight; on the other hand, my mionn is jacket is medium and fits great. So I'm thinking the j1a with an insulator would be too tight in medium, but a large would work. Just wanted to know if anyone had any direct experience. Thanks for the help though!
  14. Does anyone wear an Acronym shell over a Veilance insulator? Did you have to size up on the shell? Wondering how a J1A would fit over a Mionn IS...
  15. WTB: NG3 Not too picky about bags etc., but hoping for one in decent shape.