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  1. Well, that was fast. 1.9k before VAT, btw
  2. WTS (Based in US) J86-GTB (Sz M) 9.5/10 - 1650 USD shipped F&F (Add for Paypal fee for G&S)
  3. Considering folks are starting to get theirs in, I figured I'd try and throw this out there: WTT P24A-S Black sz S (2023) for P38-E Black sz S 2023 version is the one with dryskin articulation on the knees and seat.
  4. It does - I made sure to make note of someone I was coordinating a sale with to keep in touch to them. The message came through for me!
  5. Board update purged a ton of posts and dms
  6. WTS (Price is F&F - Add on top for Paypal fee if you want it invoiced) SP28-DS Black Sz M 8/10 - well cared for and washed regularly. I can run these through the wash before shipping out; just been sitting in my closet since September. 650 Shipped CONUS - will have to add for shipping if international.
  7. No clue if you're based in the states or not, but a lot of public libraries out here these days have 3D printers.
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