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  1. Zeocrymer


    Anyone get their hands on the P38-GTB? Would love to hear some thoughts on the material.
  2. Zeocrymer

    Byborre textile tech style

    That consignment shop happens to be a 15 minute drive from me - might have to go take a look.
  3. Zeocrymer

    Byborre textile tech style

    Hoping Antithesis in NY gets some of the Edition 9 stuff in - really digging a lot of the pictures I'm seeing and would love to try them on in person.
  4. Zeocrymer


    I can't say I do but I will also say is that it was real smooth when I tried on the latest J1A-GTPL at antithesis the other week. I think the combo of new pocket + less stiff material makes it a little more usable. but i ain't doing that shit at the bodega lmfao
  5. Zeocrymer

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Gonna take one last crack at this.
  6. Zeocrymer

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    I had a conversation with the manager of Stone Island NY yesterday about the upcoming Joanna led Shadow Project stuff. It was a little loud in the store, but he was mentioning that it's definitely going to be a lot less overtly technical, and a little more in line with the mainline stuff. He talked about more relaxed and comfier fits - the word "Chinos" was used as well, so take that however you want to.
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