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  1. Is there a database that details every previous season's releases? I know about Wayback Machine, but perhaps something else?
  2. Still hot for: P10-CH Night/Black size Small P24A-S Black size Small
  3. WTB Badly: P10-CH Night and Black, size small P24A-S Black, size small Money is ready to be flown right into your pockets!
  4. Follow up: usually a small and bought a medium. While they looked passable, there were definitely areas that were baggy—mainly in the thighs and knees. Measured against a size small P10-S, the calf portion down to the leg opening are the same, so I didn't want that to shrink. Soaked it in hot water in the tub while keeping the non-shrinking target propped up against the side to stay dry. Decided to gamble with my thousand-dollar pants and tossed them into the dryer on the hottest setting. Results: the waist area shrunk down to about a quarter inch shorter than the P10-S smalls. Laying them on top of my other pair, the rest of the pants are virtually a size small now. I'd still buy my regular size when available, but I turned a risky impulse buy into a perfect situation for myself.
  5. Anyone have experience shrinking P10A-S in the washer/dryer?
  6. Offer still stands
  7. Spoke to a retailer and apparently FW1718 has an "updated" P24 with stacked pockets like the J1TS's right arm.
  8. WTB: P10-CH in Night and Black, size small. Prefer New/DS. I will Give you a brand new pair of Yeezy V2 Bred size 9.5 US if you sell me both. I'll sell you the pair for under retail if you only have one to sell me. PM me for pictures if you're into this. Sense my desperation/capitalize today!
  9. ^ you should probably finish spelling Japan.
  10. Which one was it? Idol & Darkside denied anything was happening. Haven said it'd be a small one, as the major stuff had released already.
  11. Guys at Darkside said no second drop and that people are "reading into the Haven thing too much."
  12. Are Grailed and the Acronym Sales thread the best places to look for resale items?
  13. On the phone they said there was, but I’m not sure how up to date the associates are.
  14. Looking: P24A-S Black Small P10-CH or P10A-CH Black Small Ready to pay immediately