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  1. Go with medium.
  2. anyone have a pair of p24a-s in black small they'd like to sell, please pm me.
  3. Revive also gave me an "early April" response, but she added, "like first week of April."
  4. Looking for some new P10 in either -CH or -S. Size small. Outside chance you want some Yeezy V2s, I've got a deadstock pair to trade ya, too.
  5. "this week, and the next week, and the next..."
  6. Should I buy this: https://www.grailed.com/listings/1631662
  7. Bags back up.
  8. Tell us if you buy anything.
  9. Why wouldn't you be able to cop?
  10. So... see you guys next Friday?
  11. Yeah, customs will even out the savings pretty quickly.
  12. Commence edging.
  13. Are we counting down to March 24th? Going stir crazy waiting.
  14. WTB: P24A-S black/raf green. preferably deadstock in size small.
  15. Is there an expected date for SS17?