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  1. Imagine being so slow that you think you need a bot for ACR. You maybe-probably could do with a bot for Supreme; you just need to be around for Acronym.
  2. Wow have they ever done this before?
  3. @CARLOOA nice thanks. Too bad that'll be two straight seasons without some -CH pants.
  4. How does the CH fabric feel in hand/on the legs? Only one I've never owned.
  5. Because this is what I want to hear I'm going to believe you and call out @nesherman for spreading lies. Thanks!
  6. Is the DS fabric more susceptible to holes than the others?
  7. The mediums in those pants are unbelievably huge. I can't imagine anyone wearing it without looking like they're transporting animals in there.
  8. September/October. Possibility of both.
  9. I have a recommendation for what your avatar shouldn't be or the similar colors it shouldn't contain
  10. WTB P10-CH Small in Night and Black.
  11. Is there a database that details every previous season's releases? I know about Wayback Machine, but perhaps something else?
  12. Still hot for: P10-CH Night/Black size Small P24A-S Black size Small
  13. WTB Badly: P10-CH Night and Black, size small P24A-S Black, size small Money is ready to be flown right into your pockets!
  14. Follow up: usually a small and bought a medium. While they looked passable, there were definitely areas that were baggy—mainly in the thighs and knees. Measured against a size small P10-S, the calf portion down to the leg opening are the same, so I didn't want that to shrink. Soaked it in hot water in the tub while keeping the non-shrinking target propped up against the side to stay dry. Decided to gamble with my thousand-dollar pants and tossed them into the dryer on the hottest setting. Results: the waist area shrunk down to about a quarter inch shorter than the P10-S smalls. Laying them on top of my other pair, the rest of the pants are virtually a size small now. I'd still buy my regular size when available, but I turned a risky impulse buy into a perfect situation for myself.
  15. Anyone have experience shrinking P10A-S in the washer/dryer?