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  1. Hey, that's gross.
  2. Only tried on and walked around in my room, hence light dusting on outsole.
  3. How about this: I'll give you a pair of Prestos in XS if you sell me a pair of these. No joke.
  4. ^^ Props to this guy for continuously dying for our sins.
  5. I did have some P10s tapered from the seat to the knee area successfully. If you find a confident tailor I think it'd be possible for sure.
  6. They're available now
  7. It's still up and it's still taunting me.
  8. No, and I think it's because there's no loop for it where it would normally go.
  9. wtb P10-CH in night/black size small.
  10. With all these leaks, are we expecting the drop early September or so?
  11. No, a while ago I just found a super high quality detergent and stuck with it. It's a very gentle wash, but it cleans up really well for the time spent submerged. Again, I don't notice any difference from its performance on day one. However, I don't really use these pants as aggressively as some others might.
  12. Lately, I've been using this in a bathtub with cold water: Performs just like new after I hang it up to dry.
  13. @drgitlin you’re not traveling everywhere on horseback?
  14. Imagine being so slow that you think you need a bot for ACR. You maybe-probably could do with a bot for Supreme; you just need to be around for Acronym.
  15. Wow have they ever done this before?