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    I bought the P36-E and J78-PX in the recent releases and here's my short, quick impression. Here's why I think P36 is a nice pair of pants if not better than P37, they are different animal after all, difficut to compare totally different pants. - Lots of new design elements in this pants, always exciting to see new FUNCTIONAL elements. - The P36 fits like a bit similar to P31 when it zipped on, and very similar to P33 when zipped off, pretty versatile in terms of styling, definitely helps to accommodate more shoes choices. - The spiral pleats at the quad section are actually functional as a vent, which is not simply the "form over function" like pleasts used to be, and boy, I need dat vent. - The new belt-fasting design solves two issues. 1) quick release, 2) designated bulge waist area that naturally conforms to the back spiral pleats. This has been a pain point for all my huge ass waist DS pants. - The ankle zip is tilted and position in a way that connects to the flow of lower knee articulation in order to form a sharp structured drape. - The encapsulated nylon is less prone to snagging and has the same if not better abrainsion resistance as the Schoeller doublweave , more breathable, thinner, and it's the first time being used on a drapey pants like this. J78-PX fits overall similar to J78-WS if not identical, I wear small in ACRONYM all around and I'd say it's a straight fit that can be layered not only under but also over something. The Raf green element is a nice touch and adds a bit more depth to a white jacket. To my eyes it looks more like pearl white/silver in daylight due to the semi-translucent property. Very happy with the purchase since I always wanted a white PX jacket and J74-PX hood just doesn't work that well when it's layered under.
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