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  1. hooper

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I would sell you my medium J62-S if I can replace it with the J46-FO @CARLOOA was selling. I'll pm the two of you.
  2. hooper

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS: J62-S medium. $1,650 USD, negotiable
  3. hooper


    haven restocked black medium j47ts.
  4. hooper


    good luck to everyone shopping today. I encourage people to consider the j65. I've really enjoyed wearing the previous wind stopper version
  5. hooper


    no it didn't, the dryskin version had a small button closure. despite the obvious visual difference, i can see why its still referred to as j72. They've exchanged the button closure for something more appropriate for the winter. @segue I'm guessing it's pertex quantum pro. Seems to be comparable windstopper, except that pertex has qualities that make it more appropriate for cold climates.
  6. hooper


    from what ive heard, just ak. you can see it above. ian is modelling it underneath the black j47ts.
  7. hooper


    so is the price of the j1a (new collar) known? is it meant to be part of the fw season?
  8. hooper


    p24a-ds is available in large
  9. hooper


    they'll probably just do what they did last time. take it off the website, then repost them at original prices, maybe with newly taken photos.
  10. hooper


    acronym don't go on sale @Flipflop214 thanks. I would anticipate using it maybe once a week at most.
  11. hooper


    is xpac too fragile to last 5, 7, or maybe 10 years of occasional usage? I could see myself using a 6ts as a travel bag for a long time. on the other hand, I bought a used 9ts just this morning, so I really shouldn't even consider it...
  12. hooper


    so for those who followed along with the vapormax release, when was it the best time to buy from resellers? immediately after all the releases are out of the way, a few days after, a week or two? for a canadian, resale is already looking cheaper than having bought new from acrnm.com.
  13. hooper

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    yeah i feel pretty weird inside for liking anything that could possibly be described as a "tech-blazer"
  14. hooper

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    scroll up lol
  15. hooper


    just take them to a local repair shop. crotch rips are common in the p10. both my pairs had the crotch repaired years ago. get it fixed before the holes get any bigger.