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  1. its a joke. unequalzier is some kind of german/english hybridization.
  2. wtb j54-lp medium
  3. I've owned and not owned this hoodie like three times. Material is great but styling is outdated a pullover crewneck in that schoeller material with a semi-internal sling would be beautiful.
  4. what is even the point of attaching an insulator to a jacket with some sort of zipper or loops? serious question. if anything it just means you can't take off your hardshell and keep your insulator on without removing everything. ppl want that?
  5. For sale: J50-WS Medium w bag/sheet, like new condition. $700 USD shipped to US/Canada. Tiny bit more for international. Will upload my own pictures shortly.
  6. sell me your haven store credit

    1. sexlexcia


      i fucked your bitch.

  7. lets just not call anything techwear
  8. i assume this is because they had a minimum ordering amount when producing jackets for the futura montana event, so they have a bunch of unpainted hardshells to sell.
  9. Interest check on DS-LA3, size medium, like new.
  10. this game was cool tho
  11. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lines-the-game/id1037574363?ls=1&mt=8 Shamelessly plugging a game I just published to the app store. Pls support so I can pay rent. :^)
  12. J40-S, black, medium. Like new with bag tags product sheet etc. $630 shipped to US/Canada. Add $20 to ship elsewhere...
  13. anyone had their stotz whatever repaired by just a local tailor? not sure if the small holes in my p10-s' just need a local tailor or warrants being sent in for repair.
  14. ur supposed to cop *insert acronym hoodie here* and wear it under, duh.