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  1. hooper

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    anyone have interest in an aitor throup x stone island bomber? the silver one. I got this from a collector but I don't think the fit and colour suit me well. It's tagged L, but profile M fit.
  2. hooper


    I can't tell if I like the glasses or the photography. Either way, I don't think I would _ever_ buy eyewear that I can't try on. I'm disappointed the case is not 3a. Perhaps not useful for attaching to bags but certainly useful for some of the jackets and trousers. I'm impressed the eyewear is fully under the Acronym brand and not a colab like with 3a and bag jack. I could be mistaken. Big ups to Ian for accomplishing both the shot and the music. I wish we got a longer video!
  3. hooper


    I gotta know more about that backpack.
  4. hooper


    you'll have to entertain us and explain how that happens. is it just straight up mistake(s)?
  5. hooper


    if you measure your j36, does it match what's posted on the acrnm website? it seems like a lot of ppl are having issues with the sizing.
  6. hooper


    I found that paclite was easier to keep clean as well. Unlike goretex pro, paclite is easy to spot-clean. The outer is a deeper black too if I'm remembering correctly..
  7. hooper


    For Canadians, there should be no extra taxes fees to pay upon delivery for MIE items. If It's MIC, you'll pay _a lot_ extra. A few hundred at least...
  8. hooper


    wait, why?
  9. hooper


    I'd like to know too. Hopefully people here who bought stuff can eventually chime-in. Unfortunately it is acceptable for people to buy things without knowing the final cost. Not a jab at Acronym rather just western culture in general where you've always had to calculate the sales tax yourself. Don't get me started on tipping. I get the impression that it's too early for anything other than the new J1-A to be MIC, but I wouldn't be too surprised if some of these new trousers were.
  10. hooper


    P32 is a nice cut. i love the contrast of (what looks like) the goretex infinium hood on the j36.
  11. hooper

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I love mine. It might be my favourite Acronym purchase to date.
  12. hooper


    I think this is the big thing. People like myself who don't mind buying second-hand are probably going to have it way better over the next few years.
  13. hooper


    There's nothing to justify. You don't know a single thing about the factory the products are being made in.
  14. hooper


    I think having to announce it up-front or reveal it would have further insinuated any negative connotations about Chinese mfg. It just isn't relevant. If manufacturing of a certain item moved from say, Portugal to France, I don't think people would be complaining about not knowing about it. Some people like myself will be affected differently by taxes, but whatever lol. Chinese mfg is Acronym at its core. It throws industry trends and norms out the window. That "Made in China" tag will be a punch in the gut to anyone who was buying the clothes as status symbols. Did people already forget every J63A-FO had to be recalled for a mfg defect?
  15. hooper


    should've known something was up when the retail wasn't 2,000+ euro lol