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  1. hooper


    I think this is the big thing. People like myself who don't mind buying second-hand are probably going to have it way better over the next few years.
  2. hooper


    There's nothing to justify. You don't know a single thing about the factory the products are being made in.
  3. hooper


    I think having to announce it up-front or reveal it would have further insinuated any negative connotations about Chinese mfg. It just isn't relevant. If manufacturing of a certain item moved from say, Portugal to France, I don't think people would be complaining about not knowing about it. Some people like myself will be affected differently by taxes, but whatever lol. Chinese mfg is Acronym at its core. It throws industry trends and norms out the window. That "Made in China" tag will be a punch in the gut to anyone who was buying the clothes as status symbols. Did people already forget every J63A-FO had to be recalled for a mfg defect?
  4. hooper


    should've known something was up when the retail wasn't 2,000+ euro lol
  5. hooper


    how bad was the charge? i was cool with the price on it thinking I was going to get away with no duties like my last purchase direct from acrnm.com.
  6. hooper

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    The latest discussions on fakes is seriously discouraging. Regardless of how close to the authentic items they may become, fakes are something I personally would never want to purchase. No disrespect to anyone who buys them as beaters. I'm not even sure what would be the smoking gun to prove authenticity of any of these garments. At least the ones worth copying from the perspective of a producer of fakes. A forwarded email of the order receipt maybe? Even that seems pretty trivial to fake or to simply not be representative of the item(s) sold. If you like to shop second-hand you'll need to start establishing solid relationships with some folks here, shoutouts to @xumatrix.
  7. hooper


    well you first have to get fucked by wasting 20 minutes trying to find where to do this because of dark UI patterns. youll need to google how to do this. new j1a is amazing. was p30a-ds also for sale? looks like they took it off the site.
  8. hooper

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS: J62-S, Size M, "Full pack"- $1,350 USD + shipping Trying this again. :~)
  9. hooper


    @g.m start high and bring it down if it doesn't sell. older, worn, and less in-demand items like yours can still fetch at least $500 USD. 650 sounds like a good starting point. edit: also, please post in the "community sales thread"
  10. hooper

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    great follow up to the 10 yr anniversary special. the dpm pattern is something special. ill look for it on sale lol. @segue stone island in general has gotten like twice as expensive in the past five years. prices go up because they can raise them i guess
  11. hooper


    @alavkx i got them. they're pretty good for the price. the whole look is a bit dramatic and the details are more superfluous than what you'd find on the acronym collabs, but the material feels good and the front pockets are nice and deep like on acronym trousers. the cut is good but not amazing. they move best when worn higher up on the waist. the front pocket with the cinch opening would be good for slurpees or water bottles i guess lol.
  12. hooper

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I have a medium J62-S that still needs a new home. I need new trousers or maybe a jacket. Wide trousers like P16A or P23whatever. Would consider any kind of top really but I think J68 in black comes to mind first. Anyone want to trade (+ cash if needed)? @esper I'd trade you the above + cash. I'm in downtown + west-end.
  13. hooper


    sorry for being that guy, but what was the final verdict regarding the new presto sizing? im pretty much exactly a US 11.5 so dunno whether to take a 11 or a 12.
  14. hooper

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I would sell you my medium J62-S if I can replace it with the J46-FO @CARLOOA was selling. I'll pm the two of you.
  15. hooper

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS: J62-S medium. $1,650 USD, negotiable