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  1. hooper


    decision paralysis. part of me is hoping all the 3-pack and wallet options sell out before I can decide on one lol. anyone up to play tradesies with their 3 pack? im leaning towards the white WR zip for the sake of visibility. might as well finally throw in that usb drive 3a lol.
  2. hooper


    just realized hotoveli has Acronym's photos/descriptions of the upcoming FW1920 items (p33, j27, etc.). SD is apparently an Acronym exclusive fabric. I'm excited to see more uses of this in tops and perhaps maybe trousers. source: https://www.hotoveli.com/collections/acronym/products/acronym-j44-sd-jacket
  3. hooper


    all the p30a's for sale in the sales thread was a bit discouraging, seemed like many people we're not liking them, but I got mine in and my initial impressions are very strong. ill perhaps edit this post with a fit pic so I can be the tall guy reference. I think I'm happy with sizing up for length, but even at 6'3ish I would think a medium would still be fine
  4. hooper

    Acronym FAQ

    anyone have a step by step process on how to actually remedy incorrect duty charges? would be nice to post it up here in the FAQ. I'm not expecting Acronym's limited support to spend time on helping me out with this.
  5. hooper


    fyi UPS is hitting me for $433 CAD to get the p30a into Ontario. that being said I havent tried calling anyone up to talk tariff codes and reduce the duties
  6. hooper

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    anyone know the retail price of the 3a-mz3 and mz5 foil? And these only came as pairs correct? I've been meaning to pick them up but definitely don't want to pay more than retail for already expensive little pouches. Posting this here as it might as well be a WTB If you can take it a step further and remind me of the measurements for each that would be very nice! all i know is the mz3 is the larger one, unless I have it backwards... Edit: the xpac ones are still on the site so i found the measurements there
  7. hooper


    I think I posted about it a while back. I love my J46-FO. I encourage all Acronym fans to try a FO piece eventually. My only complaint is that the collar doesn't look great when you squish the hood all up in it, but I'm fine with just leaving the hood out. J46 is _the_ long cut Acronym design and FO is the most futuristic fabric they offer so I don't think you can go wrong here. On that topic it would be cool to see a J68-FO or an insulated J65-FO with a hood come to fruition.
  8. hooper


    same! I couldn't think of an excuse for buying it. I would have liked to see this in the olive xpac. I was tempted to DIY a 3A-2 by using a 3A-MK2 + strap. maybe 3a-9 will return too?
  9. hooper


    definitely considered these but im hoping someone here is geek enough to elaborate on their DIY solution. looking for something simple and efficient. i was thinking you could just inspect the total length of the main page's html content, but i dont know enough about web dev to know if thats worth exploring
  10. hooper

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    any DS shirts available in M? LA3 or similar?
  11. hooper


    sold my p31 because i needed a large, then missed the restock what are people doing to automate finding restocks/product adds?
  12. hooper

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    My P31-DS M are too short for me. Hoping to trade these for: P31-DS L P30A-DS L P24A-DS M P32-DS M Happy to consider other things too, but I'm basically looking to walk away with another DS trouser. I have someone lined up to buy these if I can't find anything so don't bother asking to purchase if you're not going to offer me an absurd amount that allows me to pay resale on something else.
  13. hooper

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    the vest is lovely. https://shop.havenshop.com/products/stone-island-shadow-project-grid-nylon-garment-dyed-short-sleeve-jacket-grigio
  14. hooper

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    the vest is lovely. https://shop.havenshop.com/products/stone-island-shadow-project-grid-nylon-garment-dyed-short-sleeve-jacket-grigio
  15. hooper

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I saw the other pair, but it's medium, so I wasn't miffed about it. maybe if their support is really nice I can get a further discount if I ask about a better promo they did recently, but I wouldn't know of any. Was there a better promo than 20% off?