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  1. got the acg shirt jacket. i got a small and it fits slightly long. ton of deep pockets and water beads off. over all, good buy.
  2. ^^^^ holy shit she is fuego
  3. thanks everyone! i shot them an email and send pictures of my lower body ratios. i appreciate everyones input.
  4. so if i only gave them a total length, they'd ratio out the rest?
  5. has anyone had their pants custom made by enfin before? if so, how was the process in having them tailor it to your legs? i'm a short guy (5'5), so 100 cm long pants are wayyyy too long for me.
  6. Ill be your guinea pig. i bought one in small just right now and will report back when it gets to me.
  7. WTB P10-s size Small
  8. r u jesus
  9. super long shot, but looking for a size 8.5 tech runners. lmk the price, condition, and pics of the shoes. thanks
  10. SOLD
  11. they are, but my legs r short so they stack up real nice. I'm just used to tighter things around my legs.
  12. aw damn. welp, better rock them baggy i guess
  13. has anyone ever tailored their p10s pants to be shorter? (i'm short they're too long)
  14. looking for j1a-gt size small
  15. Thoughts?