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  1. lopiteaux

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I’m guessing you mean -S, as -DS only comes in black.
  2. lopiteaux

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Bump, and added a minty fresh J29.
  3. lopiteaux


    I understand the excitement, I think we all share that, and the last thing I want to do is play stoke police. But I really feel that the preview was not released to the general public, for a reason, and that we should respect those reasons.
  4. lopiteaux


    I've re-measured both the medium and large P30A, and as expected the measurements vary depending on the position on the waistline. Apologies in advance for clogging up the thread. For the large: - measurement #1, at the front of the leg when folded over - 83cm 3/4 (matching the measurements posted on the site), 100cm cuffed - measurement #2, at the back of the leg when folder over - 88cm 3/4, 105cm cuffed - measurement #3, middle of the leg, measured from the front - 85cm 3/4, 102cm cuffed Equivalent measurements for the medium are: - measurement #1, at the front of the leg when folded over - 79cm 3/4 (versus the site's 80cm), 96cm cuffed - measurement #2, at the back of the leg when folder over - 82cm 3/4, 100cm cuffed - measurement #3, middle of the leg, measured from the front - 82cm 3/4, 96.5cm cuffed DM if you need more details. FYI, I'm 6' sharp, and I'm sticking with a medium.
  5. lopiteaux


    I disagree, it looks great. @Xu Jianfeng has posted some fantastic high-waisted fits - primarily P17-DS - and I think both @Z-11 and @dreamboatjustsoul's fits are sick.
  6. lopiteaux

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Right back at you @henrisan, a pleasure doing business with you!
  7. lopiteaux


    Thanks X!
  8. lopiteaux


    Thanks @Yan90 and @zxcvbnnn for the feedback.
  9. lopiteaux


    A question for the J61-WS owners out there... Given the roomy measurements, would you suggest staying true to your normal ACRONYM size, or would it be an option to size down? I'm a large in all of my jackets (except the J69-GT and J47A-WS), with room to spare, so am thinking that I could get away with a medium. Or would this ruin the profile?
  10. lopiteaux


    Agree. As mentioned, I'll redo the measurements this evening, and add high-res photo evidence. My thinking is that the discrepancies are due to the starting positing on the waistline. It seems fairly obvious given the above photo, as the waist rises at a ~20 degree angle versus the perpendicular of the tape. Feel free to suggest alternate methodologies for measuring, I'm more than happy to be corrected.
  11. lopiteaux


    I’ll measure up again this evening to be certain, and will post some photos. The ones I took last night didn’t come out too great as I’m on a backup phone.
  12. lopiteaux


    I've been discussing this with @junkie_dolphin over PM, but for the benefit of the thread, the measurements are as follows: - medium with extended cuff 96cm, without cuff, ie. "3/4 mode", 78.5cm; and - large with cuff 103cm, without cuff 84cm.
  13. lopiteaux


    Speaking for myself, I would only use the phrase to describe designs where the seat is cut so that it hangs low, extending beyond the line of the leg, a la P30. I wouldn’t use it to describe all baggy and/or drop crotch trousers, certainly not the P17, nor the P23.
  14. lopiteaux


    That’s the volt my dude!
  15. lopiteaux

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS P30A-DS, large, full pack, 9/10 - £850 SOLD J69-GT, large, full pack, worn once so 9.5/10 - £1,000 NG9-PS, full pack, worn 3 times so a conservative 9/10 - £200 All prices exclude fees and shipping, the latter being on the house for UK buyers. I'm also considering putting up a J68-WS in XL, and a J36-S RAF in large. I'll add them once I've made my decision, but in the meantime, if you're interested, let me know.
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