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  1. i think it is tongue-in-cheek but it is def amusing
  2. wonderful transaction with @dolvn much thanks
  3. ^ really tempting. heard they fit small tho. does it fit like a true US8?
  4. dopefactory has a 40% sale going on on all nike products. enter code nike40
  5. veilance and sisp on sale @ capsule toronto http://www.capsuletoronto.com/collections/arcteryx-veilance http://www.capsuletoronto.com/collections/stone-island-shadow-project
  6. ^ 2nd pic, sf af1's right? nice
  7. let's not turn this into a fucking retarded argument
  8. still looking for
  9. since i'm feeling extra generous today, here's a related post.
  10. still looking for these items
  11. wtb: j47a-gt size medium p10a-s black size small p10a-ch black size small
  12. the night of is reallly good. got 2 eps left
  13. best luck is to call haven and ask. also keep an eye on endclothing, bureau belfast, bdga store, etc
  14. haha that was really quick. how much were the pack of 3A-MZ3's? edit: got super lucky and was able to pick-up a few items after refreshing page
  15. ^ fuck that pricing on the j50-s