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  1. iamundying


    SS20 J1L-GT SS20 P10-DS (several drops) FW20 J1A-GTKP I think that's about it for MiC products.
  2. iamundying


    brutal drop time for folks in PST
  3. iamundying


    I'd argue last great season for me was SS18 in retrospect. But it is cool to see them add more color as that's what many of us were clamoring for back in the days when the only colors available were black and raf green. Maybe the designs will take some time to grow on people as it has often been the case in the past. I think it's highly unlikely we'll relive the days of FW16, FW17 where things sold out in less than 30 seconds but I think that had more to do with Nike-related hype than the strength of the products themselves. One thing I'm really curious though is what happens once Acronym product codes reach 3 digits. There's gotta be a landmark product/event for that.
  4. iamundying


    i don't know why you received a ton of neg rep for asking an innocent question but to answer your question nobody knows. all we know so far is there's another drop for j1b, j68-pl, some pants for not just the mothersite but across retailers as well. as for restocks of j1a-gt, these just might happen out of the blue as in the past. i do remember someone on this thread saying awhile back that chinese production is over, so who knows? maybe no restock at all.
  5. iamundying

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    glad to see decent activity in this thread the last couple of weeks. the lack of posts was quite glaring before that.
  6. iamundying

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    ^ agree with the ridiculous pricing. that GT paclite jacket should not cost that much. thankfully most of their stuff (even in black) make it to the sales where i'll be eagerly awaiting.
  7. iamundying


    chances are close to zero. restock only occurs for returns.
  8. iamundying


    adding that aux-zip sure isn't cheap
  9. iamundying

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    wtb: p30-ch in S or M / j59ts-ch in S or M
  10. iamundying

    Urban Techwear

    curious about haven's quality as well. i think they're heavily influenced by the japanese brands they carry, most notably neighborhood & wtaps, as seen in their styling and also the location of their manufacturing. their prices are wack however and if they ever go on sale in other retailers such as End i might try getting a few items and ill report back. btw, which items are you interested in @noobedloser?
  11. iamundying


    good video, but it's technically 2 to 3 years late.
  12. iamundying

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    wtb: j59ts-ch in sz S or M, j46-ws in sz S or M
  13. iamundying

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    wtb: j59ts-ch sz S or M
  14. iamundying

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    another great transaction with @henrisan had some initial issues with shipping due to covid-19 but took care of them and made sure the package was shipped. can't recommend this good man enough.
  15. iamundying

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    wtt: my 3A-2 X-pac for your NG3-PS or NG4-PS
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