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  1. iamundying

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    am i the only one bugged out by pics of items lying on the floor? what happened to proper hangers?
  2. iamundying


    I must say I'm very surprised to see several items selling out so quickly. I thought the 2016~2018 hype years were long gone but I guess I was wrong. Papa bear has to be feeling himself right now. No matter what, the J1A in black and P30A have become the de facto Acronym uniform and will fly off the shelves regardless of season, economy, etc. If this helps drive more R&D into new silhouette, material I'm all for it.
  3. iamundying


    it's a hit and miss but one of the best options is this: http://web.archive.org/web/*/www.acrnm.com
  4. iamundying


    any reviews on the j28-ws?
  5. iamundying

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    wtb j47a-ws M, L j59ts-ch M, L
  6. iamundying


    really appreciate the semi return of acronymjutsu. based on the pricing i assume this season it's all made in EU?
  7. iamundying


    P30-DS, P30-CH were made in Europe, but P30A-DS has always been made in China. J68-S, J68-WS were made in Europe while J68-PL was made in China. I think Xu said a while back Acronym has stopped working with Chinese factories so I'm expecting a full return to Europe starting next season(??).
  8. iamundying


    It's amazing that what started as a minor quip on the alignment of logo tape has turned into a full blown expose on MiC quality all of a sudden. Keep these reports coming in guys. I remember only good reviews of the P30A when they came out last year so @zoobre's situation comes as a shock. I remember the J63a auxzip fiasco in 2018, but don't remember a QC issue of this scale even for MiC products.
  9. iamundying


    Don't know if it was conscious or not, but unlike the previous mothersite drop this time it was much more favorable to people in the west. Didn't expect stock to fly off the shelf so quickly. edit: was the J1B price same for multi and plain?
  10. iamundying


    im just patiently waiting for that backpack. come on papa bear
  11. iamundying

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    p34-e didn't come in XS mate. smallest size was Small. edit: i confused your post with p36-e. but i'm pretty sure p34-e didn't have XS either.
  12. iamundying

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    apt username
  13. iamundying


    I prefer this to the J1B. Really like the hood that's reminiscent of the one on J54-LP. No frills, really clean.
  14. iamundying


    @hentaiyarou69, does your collar zip on the J68 Multi appear olive as well? I'm assuming jacket shown on mothersite pics were a prototype?
  15. iamundying


    Looking back now.. E made the price hike at the best possible timing in SS18. If customers had an issue with it, we wouldn't have seen the P10's, P24's, S8-DS (think it cost €600 for a tank top), etc sell out so quickly. E was savvy, or cunning if you prefer, in setting the prices closer to resell prices and tested the market and came away a winner. It's been so ingrained in our heads and wallets now that pants will at least cost €1,000 if made in EU and we don't even complain any more. Not to mention I think Acronym is actually decently priced compared to Visvim, Off-White, Prada, or other heritage luxury brands.
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