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WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]


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hey guyz just got back from somatic gene therapy i've only got 3 more treatments then im finally done!!!

my implants are fine after i put on a retro box logo but im afraid someone saw me wearing it and DDoS'ed my exocortex

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Acronym J25-WS (just got it todayand I fucking love it)

Levi 510 (yeah, I know. But I don't have the cash right now, I'd love to get Outlier Slim Dungarees or Mission Workshop, unless you guys have other suggestions. I don't have the physique to wear any Acronym Pants other than maybe P10-DS, but couldn't afford both)

Nike Free Flyknit - Rough green (the tongue and insole are a light blue and I'm thinking about sharoie-ing the tongue in black)


It seems like you have chronic size-down-on-everything syndrome. You should keep that in mind for whatever you're buying next 

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I have to say, I do think that mixing brand aesthetic of Danii absolutely works.


Feel the love Danii, feel the love ! :P


Is there really a mixing of aesthetics, though? I feel like if you were to explain to someone what techninja looks with one picture, you'd opt for one of danii's. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

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I guess not, but it does go against the grain a bit here, having been used to a feed of 'head to toe' ACR, which I am not knocking incidentally.


Mixing up Bape, Adi SLVR etc is refreshing ( I do it with Carhartt/Musto/Y-3/Stussy/Analog ) - I am more Children of Men though!

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thank you for kind words.

l really appreciate it and l will not fail you.

on the other hand l do not think its that creative, l just follow simple rules (and bank account balance) that l found to work best for me. lt's way harder to create good balanced fit with khaki/olive/black/clrful tones, than simple black/white.

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