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  1. Gaspardd

    what are you watching today?

    Was pretty good, Lots of Blue & Mohair.
  2. Gaspardd

    What are you listening at right now

    Also the new Holly Herndon, Pender Street Steppers & that Florian Hecker / Mark Leckey thing.
  3. Gaspardd

    gabber / hardcore

  4. Gaspardd

    favorite albums of 2014

    Theo Parrish - American Intelligence STL - At Disconnected Moments Sculpture - Membrane Pop Eleventeen Eston - Delta Horizon Moon B - II Mica Levi - Under The Skin Marcus Schmickler & Julian Rohrhuber - Politiken der Frequenz Jesse Osborne-Lanthier - Otherwise Insignificant Psyche Debris Donato Dozzy & Nuel - The Aquaplano Sessions Everything that D/P/I did Cakedog - Menace In The Phantom Traxman - Da Mind Of Traxman Vol 2 Ariel Pink - Pom Pom HTRK - Psychic 9-5 Club These were good
  5. Gaspardd

    Recent Purchases 2014

    Some nerd shit.
  6. Gaspardd

    the lol wut threak

  7. Gaspardd

    Unintentional WAYWT / pro-creeper thread.

    Wrestler Van Beirendonck
  8. Gaspardd

    Superswap V8 SPLASH (;

    Glad you Enjoyed! Coincidentally I just got my amazing package from Albinolove in the mail. Very very stoked about all of it, make sure you show him mega PLUR + rep. All of the contents. Pebble Watch, Which I'll probably get to using, it's charging as I type. Raf by Raf Simons tee. Apparently it could be a bootleg, but still is comfy & fits nice! Some Classic Chicago novels, Keen to dive into em! A well needed vinyl tote bag & slipmat, from Gramaphone records, which I'll definitely check out if I'm ever in Chicago Dancemania!! Gonna Listen to this to get hyped for DJ Godfather on Saturday. Some intense terrifying looking 70 Proof alcohol. I'm amazed this got through customs. EDIT: Just did some research on Malört. Oh fuck. Some 90s rave flyers for the infamous Sterns Nightclub Interdance club nights (acquired from a burnt out ex-raver in the UK apparently) Some cool little zines I'm definitely gonna have a flick through. Some larger magazines I'm also gonna have a read through. Overall, amazing package! I'm very overwhelmed by it all. again, Big thanks to Albinolove!
  9. Gaspardd

    MA-1 Jackets

    Mykki Blanco in Bernhard Willhelm
  10. Gaspardd

    Superswap V8 SPLASH (;

    Just Shipped out today. Whoever is getting mine better take a bunch of pics. Shouts out to Thin White Deux & Everyone else dealing with expensive shipping rates.
  11. Gaspardd

    WAYWT Shoes Edition

    Feat. Astroturf, fuzz pants, creased paper, faux ponyhair.
  12. Gaspardd

    Recent Purchases 2014

    thru last couple of weeks, Everything was in the realm of $30-50 each. Another OL Frote/Towel Tee So much Henrik Vibskov Norse Projects Denim Marsell Parella Boots Vivienne Westwood Also Purchased but not pictured PAM Pants Aesop x A.P.C. Post Poo Drops Zambesi Shorts