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  1. whomst did this
  2. Haven is up with some
  3. Better than the last collections
  4. lol reminds me of a few weeks after the FW drop when @aleporte and i met eyes exiting the 14th street station
  5. read back, this question comes up a lot!
  6. Actually the 1KC belt did not fit through SS15 P10's belt loops. Supposedly the loops are bigger now but be aware
  7. any word on when that Y-3 Noci Low is getting released?
  8. went to KITH in SoHo NYC last week and there is a J43A-GT in size small left and a J56 in medium, in store only. I'd snag the J43A myself but it's not my favorite acronym jacket silhouette so I hope one of you lucky bastards goes and picks it up!
  9. nice to see a non-acronym techwear fit in here! good job
  10. I ended up copping these and they are really great. very comfy and they stretch to accommodate thicc wool soccs
  11. Just voicing my support for fixing this—one of the most important features for me and the first thing I noticed when I came to the site today. Congrats on the launch though!
  12. real talk this seller on grailed who has only acronym including rare E-J23 and a TON of visvim which one of you is this john mayer wannabe
  13. great thoughts ink. i think your breakdown of the distinction between the personality-driven and quiet design languages nails it. with regards to product photography I agree that their clinical approach does a great job. I just wish they'd make their website images bigger so I could relish in the details haha after I made that post yesterday I actually decided to take a trip to the veilance concept store in NY which I had yet to visit. aside from the clothing the only graphic elements were type on the wall and the layout of the store itself. the type was (expectedly) nothing special but i did think the layout of the store contributed subtly to the covert / subverse / concealed vibe. after reading your post perhaps I've gained a new appreciation for the prosaic ✅
  14. to be honest, I'm not that impressed with veilance's aesthetic. the products themselves are fine, but as a brand, they haven't done anything special. product photography is only okay; the website is mediocre; products are presented in the style of a 3rd party retailer. if veilance developed a stronger aesthetic vision in line with its core product (normcore but slightly edgy / slightly futuristic) they would command an even more devoted following. compare veilance to the new ACG. the last major fall/winter releases, the flagship products sold like mad because of the extremely good brand concept and marketing that went along with. I'd like veilance to adopt a high level perspective on the world—along the lines of ACG and acronym but not as heavy-handed as either—and cascade that perspective through all of its communication materials
  15. Can't believe how fast the black alpine jacket sold out, under a minute fml