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  1. donburi


    pretty much every monocrhome salomon SKU except for the white snowcross is on need supply in all sizes 8US and up right now
  2. donburi

    Urban Techwear

    @danii LOT is the real deal. user meetups on friday at twitch.tv/lot_2046 for interested parties
  3. donburi

    Your biggest issue with techwear is ?

    "The greatest way to trap a design in the past is to endeavor to make it futuristic with earnestness. In that attempt, the designer inevitably overextends their position and conjures a cheap version of their aspirations, a subset of which are inherently unrealizable, and another subset of which are only realizable as symbolic facades." tl;dr: the aesthetic is corny af. this memorable quote comes from bryce hidysmith - http://www.hidysmith.com/blog/2017/5/5/small-thoughts-off-sukhamvit
  4. donburi

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    that anorak is looking extremely aoku tiger shard camo
  5. donburi


    Has anyone else noticed the new hood / collar design on the J28? Looks like there are flaps that come over the top of the collar from the inside outwards. In my opinion this is an enormous improvement on the previous jackets with stowable hoods (J1A-, J47-) which terminate in a curved lip (see second picture) which was one of the design details I always thought could use better execution. It additionally looks like the J28's hood is stowed under these new flaps as opposed to inside the collar itself, which again is significant because now the exterior DWR won't get sweated directly on by touching your neck.
  6. donburi

    Urban Techwear

    no wonder these pieces look like they were designed by committee
  7. donburi

    Urban Techwear

    Some of these out-of-place pockets look like poorly executed ripoffs of things like the SISP phone drop pocket. Also, while I like the color of the green fabric nike has been using for lab and acg products, the melange grey is just terrible. Melange grey screams "I am a sports sweatshirt!!!!" like no other color and material... and when mix/matched with this green it just looks weird. Whatever the hooded pullover in the first picture is looks cool though.
  8. donburi

    arcteryx veilance

    Thanks for suggestions y'all
  9. donburi

    arcteryx veilance

    I'm thinking of picking up a jacket for an upcoming month-long trip to the southern hemisphere where it will be the beginning of the warmer months. I own a partition but can't seem to keep the shorter and lighter jackets apart. can someone point me to the veilance jacket that can be my only hardshell piece for this trip? it needs to be a shorter jacket and have a hood. thank you veilance braintrust
  10. donburi


    not seeing much in the affordable price range this season... last year's talaria flyknit mid still the one to beat
  11. donburi

    Aitor Throup

    Heavily agree. Wasn't there supposed to be a spring summer release of the stuff that was teased and released through DSM this year?
  12. donburi

    Urban Techwear

    you need the J25-WS. Might be able to find one on grailed, it was rereleased last year (I'd expect it again next spring maybe). it's a go-to for spring layering and as the -WS indicates it is indeed weather + wind resistant. It's one of the least pricey ACR items (as nauseating as a $500+ windbreaker is) and one of their best styles if you ask me
  13. donburi

    Urban Techwear

    Enfin also have a fabrics guide page which rates their various materials on water repellency, thickness, stretch, breathability, and durability. this comes up a lot on the Acronym thread so kind of cool to have a reference for Dryskin vs Stotz vs Schoeller denim and the other various materials they have
  14. donburi


    whomst did this
  15. donburi


    Haven is up with some