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Why do you WAYWT?

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why don't you waywt?

If someone i knew saw self taken pics of myself on this forum with thousands of pages of pics of other dudes, that would be quite devastating i think. Speaking of which has that happened to anyone?

(This is also why i dont post pics of ppl from fb in cwg or kag)

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Maybe so for certain KAGs. But regardless, does it not feel disrespectful to post such pics of people you know onto forums without their consent? There's gotta be a line somewhere with regards to privacy.

Anyway, you can call me a hypocrite cos admitedlly, I am s subscriber to said threads ;)

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its definitely nice to be able to see though, if you were put in a room full of sufu heads you would automatically people-watch and check out what everyone was wearing.

i've definitely got plently of new ideas and got interested in different styles from looking at waywt.

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