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    Chore coats

    There doesnt seem to be much interest here for these kinds of jackets, which is weird considering how much repros their are from brands such as post overalls, warehouse and sugarcane, and how popular they seem to be in vintage circles in Japan (see Free& Easy for proof...). So, I deciced to make a new thread, since this isnt really what most think of as "denim jackets". Im a big fan personally, since the model itself is so easy to wear, simple and utilitarian. A part of the appeal is the near lack of any "design" element, just a straight jacket with four pockets, but the devil is all in the details as you know. I hope to get some discussion around these model of coats, and as a starter, I present my "collection" (sorry for the shitty pics), to give people a taste of how they can differ in the details. Cotton and Cheep got some coats that I know of, but it would be great to see other members stuff aswell. Blue Bell really nice dark denim Big Ben by Wrangler grainy fade Montgomery Ward APC, black raw denim, and cotton blanket lined Polo Ralph Lauren, herringbone denim
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