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  1. waywt 2018

    we're here for the rep 10 years later
  2. Tattoos

    Stick and poke by Tati Compton at Saved LA
  3. Seriously though, where did everyone go?

    I've just made the biggest mistake of my life logging back into this place.
  4. Hair Thread

    11 months later
  5. Fashion jobs/internships

    I got a contact for Shaun Samson in LA if anyone wants to intern for them
  6. usa :: san francisco :: general

    You'd be 3+ hours away from SF and LA if you don't mind the drive. There is absolutely no reason anyone should relocate there for any amount of time unless you are working for the government base in Lemoore. Or if you're old and retiring. Even then there are better places to go die... I will say there are other trash places than Fresno. Being raised there, it's not as terrible as everyone else makes it to be. There are too many other bumfuck towns in the state to say it's the absolute worst. Edit: Three years in Fresno is too long. You'd be so fucking bored in about a week
  7. usa :: los angeles :: general

    I cosign Gjelina and Bestia. Bestia is kinda tricky to get into if you don't have a reservation though. Try to go really early or really late if you don't. Wurstkuche is rad if you're into beer and they have one cider option. Little Jewel was disappointing, but I probably order all the wrongs things. Whatever you DO NOT get the crawfish mac and cheese unless you want warm crawfish pasta salad. Don't bother with the muffaletta. When it comes to mexican food, I'm lazy and go to a neighborhood joint called La Reyna in the Arts District and its decent for what it is. Was it Guerrilla Tacos that had that fucking $20 quesadilla with ingredients that don't belong in anything remotely like a quesadilla? Am I the only one that doesn't like Chego?
  8. Raw for Women

    If you're worried about the leg looking weird, note that the inseam on the 3sixteen+ are SUPER long. I am normally a 30-31 and its a 35 so they had to fold it into itself for the pic
  9. Raw for Women

    This is just me, but I recommend getting her jeans when she actually stops growing or closer to when her growth plateaus. When I was younger, I gave a pair of size 0 PBJs to my little sister because I out grew them. She was around 13 when I gave them to her...she also quickly outgrew them... Was such a waste
  10. exposin thread. pms u wanna make public

  11. exposin thread. pms u wanna make public

    the boy aint done just yet
  12. exposin thread. pms u wanna make public

    I said "Excuse me?"
  13. Hair Thread

    Shaved the ol' noggin down to 0 A week and half later
  14. Raw for Women

    Not raw but this is 3 years after I bought the first 3sixteen+ women's jeans Before: After:
  15. WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)

    is this how to be dopw?