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  1. Most influential Sufu member?

  2. motorcycles caused me strife

    that was my first bike as well. it's a good one. already got the muzzy on there, nice.
  3. Tattoos

    finally got one for my mom (she luvs the beach). done by ashley love at thicker than water.
  4. Tattoos

    haha, thanks dude! yeah, I guess it's been a bunch of tattoos in a short amount of time, but living where we do, it's hard not to take advantage. I'll probably pump the brakes until summer is over, but I've been wanting to get tattooed for as long as I can remember and now that I've started, I can't stop.
  5. Tattoos

  6. Tattoos

    got this old lee roy flash from mark cross @ east river last night.
  7. Tattoos

    regino gonzales
  8. hockey

  9. Tattoos

    Probably not very long considering he fixes Hoopers jawns.
  10. hockey

    the actual sign was funnier anyway
  11. Tattoos

    haha, thats p wild. my friend showed me brad's instagram post of the biker lady and it kind of blew my mind to see so many comments and whatnot from complete strangers. skin looks pasty as fuck in the dagger flick. Im not that white.
  12. Tattoos

    good stuff, guys.
  13. Tattoos

    ran into myacademy at smith street last night. good to meet u dude.
  14. Tattoos

    I've got an appointment with Eli Quinters tomorrow. Stoked.
  15. Tattoos

    Good stuff guys.