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  1. jamokes

    WAYWT Shoes Edition

  2. jamokes

    Post Your Creations (pics, artwork, media, design...)

    does anyone use polymer clay?
  3. jamokes

    Djrajio Dating Thread/Advice Column

    you've missed my point i never asked him to explain or justify his desire for variety the fact that he would be repelled by a woman's acceptance of his personality is what interests me it's as if women devalue themselves in his eyes by valuing him you've failed to answer my question again, but i'm glad you mentioned him http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2009/12/i_am_tiger_woods_part_1.html he was a child prodigy who became a billionaire and used his status to marry a scandinavian model there are plenty of circumstances separating him from most men
  4. jamokes

    who here is drunk?

    this forum would be a better place if we could unleash our homophobic, racist, religious and sexist fury
  5. jamokes

    Djrajio Dating Thread/Advice Column

    whether or not you meet a woman who can know and accept you is irrelevant i think you know that already you won't or can't maintain a monogamous relationship, but you can't imagine committing to a woman who would accept your philandering ways you don't want your partner to know about your offensive behavior if she does know and accepts it, she disqualifies herself would you like to try again?
  6. jamokes

    Djrajio Dating Thread/Advice Column

    why can't you enjoy the company of a woman who knows and accepts you completely? i know why, but i want to see your answer
  7. jamokes

    What are you listening at right now

  8. jamokes

    WAYWT Shoes Edition

    as honored as i'd be, that position should probably be filled by someone who doesn't have to worry about their soles falling apart i was lucky enough to find a pair that had been broken in, but i'm sure they'll start to crack and crumble before too long
  9. jamokes

    kimoi clothes

    please use this advanced styling tip with caution
  10. jamokes

    Unintentional WAYWT / pro-creeper thread.

    i think the trousers are still worth serious consideration the material used for the winter uniforms is great, too let's take a moment to admire how perfectly cozy this man is
  11. jamokes

    Anime / Manga

    i should have mentioned that i've never heard of mekakucity actors until now and didn't intend to defend it have you read any of the novels? i wonder how they compare to the shows
  12. jamokes

    Anime / Manga

    that's great advice for people who enjoy passable plots that have been choked by pornographic drivel