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  1. William Gibson retweeted my techwear fit so I'm just geeking out fuckin hard here
  2. Strikethrough, are you who I think you are because that's awesome and not what I'm used to from you. Maple Co hat // J34 //DRKSHDW Jason //C.E tee //DRKSHDW tanktop //customized DRKSHDW pods //Guerrilla Group pants //Rick Owens shoes //Visvim ballistic backpack
  3. I'm one of the people who jumped on that fast. I'm a small so non-marked-up-to-hell GT jackets are hard to come by. I didn't have the means to buy it in '13, but now I do. Mystery solved. I love mine, personally.
  4. I still got a GT-J34 in small which literally is fucking impossible to find
  5. This post cost me a grand, fuck.
  6. Has anyone figured out the whole "patina" thing on the -PB material? It kinda seems like marketing speak for "gets damaged super easily".
  7. I wore Stone Island cargos and Supreme last time I taught. Really fucked with some heads good.
  8. I'm still kinda looking at the 63 despite the mixed feedback on the fabric. One thing I'm not sure with the whole not-having-owned-an-acronym-jacket problem is how to size considering the possibility of wearing with or without layers. Can anyone speak to the similarity to, say, SISP sizing? I'm a smaller guy and -tend- to be a small but even with SISP that can be a bit of a problem with layers. Daily "lol how do i size acrnm" post for this thread, I guess.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I don't and haven't actually owned any Acronym jackets, just other Acronym pieces and a bunch of SISP. I'm still trying to figure out how the hell to size something like that considering I don't know how I'd want to layer/etc.
  10. There's been a couple of comments on the film-out material of the J63/2-PB being pleathery and in general I've kind of herd negative things, but I really personally like the look of the J63-PB. Has anyone here got one or read like a solid breakdown/review type thing?
  11. I just posted up my Stone Island Reflex Mat again and if anyone wants both that and my Acronym hoodie I'll sell 'em for 350 together edit: with free Lad Musician pants
  12. Acronym hat Will sell both that and the SISP pants for 170 shipped within the US
  13. Acronym hat in M I have no idea what this is actually worth used and my price is probably a rip off but it's grailed so fuck it. Definitely open to offers. If you buy these and the SISP pants I have up together then fuck it like, 170 shipped for both? Gotta stop buying Rick.
  14. In typical Puma fashion I assume it'll get super close then be all fucked up by giant PUMA logos everywhere.
  15. I regret my first WAYWT posts