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  1. shihcity

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    to @breams as well! super friendly dude and smooth transaction.
  2. shihcity


    currently using a large acg 2in1 liner with my medium j1b-s. I sold my old medium liner for a large because I personally wanted more length. the zippers are offset by <1in. when combined but the camlock on the (M) end helps the garments from disconnecting. the sleeve loops line up perfectly w/ the gravity pocket buttons but I can't speak for other shells since the button placement might be different. love this combo though - the liner access zip is aligned perfectly with the acg's deeeeeep holster pockets and feels much more natural than the j1s awkward top entry chest pockets.
  3. shihcity

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    https://www.therealreal.com/designers/acronym Under retail + 20% off
  4. shihcity


    Mk1 will be too big. Exchanged my mk1 for a mk3 for this very reason
  5. shihcity


    S would be good for 5'9-5'11. I tried on a buddies without the cuff & the end of the pant is ~1in. above my ankles with the pant sitting at my waist. Id pay more attention to the length if anything. 5'10'' 140lb for reference.
  6. shihcity

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

  7. shihcity


    13in laptop will fit but I wouldn't recommend it. You’ll end up losing the way the bag contours to you and instead have 3-4 stiff corners poking out which probably isn’t best for these bags (especially considering what they’re made of). Definitley works but better off with a 5/8/13 for 13in laptops imo.
  8. shihcity

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    wts: J63A-FO Medium 9/10 full pack - $1260 plus fees/gifted 3A-5TS Gen 2.1 X-pac, sheet only - $1200 plus fees/gifted dm for pics/info, prices firm, trades in medium jackets, small pants. thanks
  9. shihcity


    ^ on the boat of people who don’t have access but I think there’s some sensitivity towards how it (supposedly) will affect prices. internet shame aside, that picture has been publically available to anyone who’d really take a little time to dig for it, and has helped many nEwBiEs including myself make wiser purchases.
  10. shihcity

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Selling the 3a-1 I picked up from @jward451 - sold Wonderful bag (and seller, thanks again J),but I still find myself gravitating toward my 3ts everyday and would much rather have this go to someone who would appreciate it more than myself! Located in San Francisco.