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Garuda feels like one of those brands that’s a bit known but maybe not known but maybe it is but maybe not… 

I’ve been wearing a custom pair of one of their current designs the ‘Work Pant’ for about a month now  

Dry Skin fabric. Doubled up at the knees and seat(generous coverage in that regard). Articulation is equal parts practical and artistic due to the application of proper drape and obvious understanding of the fabric and how it works with the body. The waist has very comfy elasticated panels on either side of the hip bone area. The cuffs are outfitted with bdu style ties for adjustment, which are my only real gripe. They’re a bit finicky to adjust, but give a lot of options for stacking or whatever it’s called now lol.  

I requested no rear pockets, because I’m spoiled by phone/deepockets, and I prefer the cleaner lines without. I also asked for a hidden outseam pocket on the left leg. In hindsight- I wish I’d asked for it on both legs. It’s implemented so well that it’s almost invisible when not in use. But when in use it’s still barely visible when packed full of shit. The pics below include a pocket stuff of that hidden seam cargo with whatever iteration of Acronym wool cap I currently own, a low profile wallet, and a Leatherman because fuck it. 

in summation: Garuda kicks ass











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I'd just like to comment that I had a very positive experience with the MTO process. That being said I haven't followed through with the final product, it's just that they were extremely receptive of my ideas and we went through a few iterations with sketches etc.

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