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  1. dubwise

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: P10A-S - Medium - Black - new (tried on once and removed tags, but never worn) SOLD WTT: J34GTPL - Black - Medium for a size Large or X-Large (I know, chances are slim - but still...) Both items located in Germany
  2. dubwise


    ok great - thx @SuE and @deadbilly !
  3. dubwise


    Kind of an old thread, not sure why it died - apologies if the Outlier conversation moved to another place and I missed it, been off Superfuture for quite a while If anybody reads this that is familiar with the brand and their pants in specific, I would appreciate some words of guidance. I'm after the Futuredarts pants and almost bought a pair in my size, but then checked the full measurements that they give and it seems a bit odd. E.g. for a size W32 they give an inseam of 29.5 which seems quite short to me. Also the leg opening of 6.125 seems quite tight. Can anybody who has the Futuredarts pant (or any other of their pants) confirm that those measurements are actually correct? Many thanks in advance...
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