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  1. Appleseed

    arcteryx veilance

    You're going to vary between sizes a bit. Unfortunately, at 5'8" you'll likely find many S pieces running long in the body and arm, and the XS stuff too slim in the upper torso. Going down to 150lbs will def. help float between the two. My AV wardrobe is pretty evenly split between XS/S, and I'm also an S in the current ACR fit blocks.
  2. Appleseed


    From our own: Dr. J putting ACR on ARS
  3. Appleseed


    For true inner-membrane delam., there is no remedy. Would be uncommon 'after only one wash' - but if you've been wearing the jacket heavily since new and this is the first time cleaning, then that's your answer. Most delamination is caused by sweat/oil. Seam tape delam. can be fixed w/ appropriate adhesives.
  4. Appleseed


    Principal diff. is the zipper - hence the 'R'
  5. Appleseed

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    ^ wish that was a sz S.
  6. Appleseed


    ^ nope, sorry - just the spec. sheet, which back then, only had hardline diagrams - no photos. Don't think I've ever seen a 'lookbook' of any sort from the first two years. Perhaps one of the old heads could chime in and clarify. My guess is whatever copy was produced was limited to line sheet / catalogue for the few retailers to order from? Proto-SubNet.
  7. Appleseed


    FW04/05 E-NVA1 - oldest piece in my collection! Where'd you stumble across this?
  8. Appleseed


    Very much in line with how they were operating for years!
  9. Appleseed


    Was that the black (Stotz) pair from the other week? Almost bid on that....surprised they went as high as they did!
  10. Appleseed


    Interesting - I've never noticed the 'twist,' but am clearly seeing the alignment issue in your J22 photo. Probably a few variables; sleeve design, forearm circumference, how tight one makes the sleeve closure, etc-
  11. Appleseed


  12. Appleseed

    arcteryx veilance

    ^ you mean the Canvas Pant? Think that was as close to 'jeans' as they've come before - unless I'm blanking on something...