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  1. Hmmm, still reads like shorter-body-length to me. Look at where the sleeve/body hem are landing, espc. in the screen grab matthewcng posted. Def. looking forward to it, either way-
  2. Can you clarify - longer in rear? I didn't pick that up at all from the vid. Maybe my impression of 'different' is stemming more from the fabric texture. Optics :shrug:
  3. Looked quite different in the FW promo video that was circulating a month or two back. 2 pockets, not 4. Seemed shorter in body length... I too, am loving the SS Field Overshirt and am looking forward to picking up one (or more) of the Haeden versions later this year.
  4. I don't know about that - my P10a's (FW1617) have the tiny lace/prong loop, like P10's and P9's from years further back. My P17's and P24's have the smaller (but not tiny) than normal center loop, which is perfect for running 1" belt webbing through.
  5. Like, you would put the prong through it and then belt over? I've never heard of this (and seems like the buckle would be off center?), and have never owned a pair of non-ACR pants w/ a comparable small loop (not that that's indicative of anything, but). If this is the case - bit of a strange detail, considering the types of belts they model w/...
  6. It's for threading a shoelace (and using that as a belt).
  7. Wish that UK one was a M! Total steal-
  8. Surprising number up on UK eBay - guess I've just never noticed. NWT for £900 makes the Y!JP one look like a rip-off. Didn't realize resale on these had bottomed so much...
  9. SISP Leather jkt. over at Y!JP. 0 bids, less than a day to go. Forget what US retail was, $2,500? The later, hooded ver. was over $3k IIRC.
  10. ^ 5'-6" and wearing a size M Field jacket???
  11. Not asking for value to me marked down - just for VAT to be excluded from non-EU sale, which is absolutely done by other UK/EU retailers (Hanon, Firmament, etc.) Now, if the item is subject to US Duty/Customs upon import to the buyer, then that's fine and fair (and how the larger system is supposed to work itself out). P24's fall below the new $800 threshold, however - so absolutely should be win-win for said buyer (me). Not my problem or responsibility to address the retailer process for getting VAT refunded on their end. That's what mark-up and overhead covers...
  12. Asks the person w/ 'Arbitrage' as their occupation Obv. plenty of regulatory agencies play a role here, but, realistically, where are you going to turn as a consumer? Simplest solution is to vote w/ your wallet (cancel order / return if they refuse)... As far as I was concerned, their price is still totally competitive w/ most of the other retailers, inclusive of VAT.
  13. I don't know enough about e-commerce platforms to say whether that's BS or not - but nothing should keep them from refunding the VAT amount to the VISA/PayPal account.
  14. ^ Was checking P24 prices earlier today and still found them totally comparable w/ other stateside retailers (ex. Bodega, everyone is ranging between $700-750USD). Refusing to deduct the VAT for non-EU export is still a bitch move tho. w/o VAT, they'd be @ $615, which would beat everyone but Bodega. FWIW, I ended up ordering from 18Montrose w/ the idea that I'd 'discuss' when they open up on Monday...
  15. Minor changes to the top block too, newer models are adjusted in the seat (less material).