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  1. Appleseed


    Dressed by Mother Wang
  2. Appleseed

    arcteryx veilance

    Love my Voronoi, but they're getting a little long in the tooth. Sizing up on the Convex is an interesting idea; will keep that in mind!
  3. Appleseed

    arcteryx veilance

    More pieces I'm excited about this season than....I don't know - in quite a while. Ordered one of the Demlo pieces and now waiting for the rest of the stuff to get stocked- @Inkinsurgent, no love for the Convex LT? Will be giving that a shot-
  4. Appleseed


    If heat-activated seam tape has failed once, it's going to fail again (eventually). Sooner, by your method, than if repaired properly w/ (N) adhesive.
  5. Appleseed


    Do it right, do it once.
  6. Appleseed


    That's not delam., just failing seam adhesive. Use a Gore-Tex specific product (McNett makes many), tho I'd try to actually get the seam tape re-adhered instead of 'patching' over. If that's an older jacket, then I'd say there's not much cause for concern. Doesn't appear to be any soiling, etc.
  7. Appleseed


    Not gonna pretend I know the whole RiRi catalog, but I suspect this is a design/association choice.
  8. Appleseed


    Curious as to how much difference there is in treating the new nylon vs. the old cotton-based Epic fabrics? I've got a few ACR pieces that are Epic (but not 'encapsulated nylon') and they get the same cleaning cycle as any Stotz/Ventile/Supermarine piece.
  9. Appleseed


    Well, patching from a burn is a bit different than repairing a jacket suffering from delam., no? If delamination has started on a panel, it's only gonna get worse over use+time. A little patch (even well done by Rainy Pass) isn't addressing the issue of the membranes separating.
  10. Appleseed


    Has anyone actually had an ACR jacket repaired for GTX delam.? Only way to do this is to have the entire fabric panel replaced and a new one sewn in, and given the complexity of most ACR patterns/detailing...
  11. Appleseed

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Thankfully, there are other ways to use Dyneema - the woven stuff that Outlier has played w/ comes to mind. It's categorically different from a full membrane application, but I would agree that a non-breathable fabric is less-than-ideal in a typical jacket. Seems like something of a step backward, IMO.
  12. Appleseed

    arcteryx veilance

    Ok, very good to know - they need to get their branding in check. I'd assumed Infinium was more HD based on the Gore info page (didn't realize this also included the FO (ShakeDry?) product(s) too), which, if heavier and less-breathable than the Burly.....means a no-go, unfortunately. Will have to swing by and see what the FW20/21 iteration is like.
  13. Appleseed

    arcteryx veilance

    Interesting - I guess I need to check them out in person. The only Infinium stuff I've handled was insulated. I would have equated the Burly Double Weave w/ 'lifestyle windstopper package,' which still seems to be in use on the Align MX. Is reg. Infinium going to be thinner / lighter than the Burly?
  14. Appleseed

    arcteryx veilance

    Agreed. Too bad those Indisce Pants are Infinium....
  15. Appleseed

    arcteryx veilance

    ^ Yeah, but the Sediment color almost makes up for it. Any clue whether the Range is coming back in non-IS ver. for SS? I didn't see anything that was a total match in the imgur dump....
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