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    ^ some hard takes from Steve. My 9-year-old self thought he was gonna be buried in Revaderchi's....still one of my favorite pairs of all time~
  2. Acronym.

    Would happily pay idiot money for a 3A-8TS-COR...I quite liked the aesthetic of the new olive XPAC, but would feel pretty foolish paying that much for something that wouldn't work as daily-carry for me. Need an actual laptop compartment-
  3. Urban Techwear

    ^as painfully illiterate as that Redditor post on ACR a few months ago. This one manages to list Errolson as 'the man responsible for....Arc'teryx Veilance...' L O L
  4. Urban Techwear

    Regular trail running / outdoor and 'looking decent day to day' is mutually exclusive. Who gets more than a season or two (even on rotation!) out of running shoes anyway? Buy activity-specific footwear and you'll be x100 happier.
  5. arcteryx veilance

    ^ hear, hear [plz bring back Stealth Pant]
  6. The Great Outdoors

    Well, more for the low weight / slim profile. They fit quite well, but they're not ultra marathoners - wasn't looking for something super comfortable or stable.
  7. Bags, backpacks, duffles, messenger, slings, etc.

    SDR has their new-ish Pack System. I personally use the 400k Money Pouches for packing cubes.
  8. arcteryx veilance

    I jumped on them when somebody linked back in Sept. / Oct. and they were listing the AV cardholder for $133. This was before any of this recent info had come out, etc. 2 days after getting one of their 'In-Production' emails (where they quoted another 2 weeks for shipping), my order went out via USPS Next Day. Go figure. I'd have been more pissed if it was something more substantial. As-is, am pretty soured on the whole interaction (and return policy) and won't be purchasing through them, even at discount. Seems like a pretty dumb way to do business, given how niche this stuff (still) is (and how the internet loves to talk....).
  9. arcteryx veilance

    I'll chime in, as I also have both. Am always splitting between XS/S in Veilance. Have the Field OS in S and the Haedn OS in XS (after returning a S). I definitely felt that the intended fit and style of the Field OS lent itself to be a little longer in the body and ability to manage some layering, thus the size S worked well for me. The size S in the Haedn felt too long in the torso and arms (always a personal AV gripe), but once I sized down to XS, everything felt suitably tailored and hit correctly at the hip and wrist like as shown in the AV product shots. They're both rad, though the Haedn has yet to see any real wear yet.
  10. The Great Outdoors

    Have been using the Terra Kiger 2's for a few seasons, the 'sticky rubber' sole (I don't know how different the TK3s are) has definitely worn a bit quicker than I expected. I don't baby them, and they've definitely been chewed up by lava rock, etc. TK3 looks like it might have improved upon some of the weak areas along the midsole / toebox area. Will probably pick up a new model whenever the next iteration hits-
  11. The Great Outdoors

    Literally the use case the Field boot was developed (and incorporated by our armed forces world-wide) for, tho. I do think there's better options, especially if you want WP lining, tho- (and to clarify, the Field boot has made some significant changes since the SFB, which was referenced in the ^last)
  12. The Great Outdoors

    I, for one, have noticed almost no break-in (and this seems to be a touted-advantage of the Nike Field boots by most of .mil people). There's always a couple of hours / day for my arch and heal to adjust from sneaker to boot (and vice versa) - but....
  13. The Great Outdoors

    100%. If I'm out for <4 hours, I'm usually just in trail running shoes
  14. The Great Outdoors

    No GTX liner, so it depends on how you prep them and what you're comparing too. They've got a gusseted tongue, but the non-AR 670-1 compliant models are just synthetic suede and canvas. If you're one of those people that wants a waterproof liner and wears gaiters when hiking, then these probably aren't for you. Like I alluded to before; if in the backwoods for days on end, I'd go with another boot. But for tromping around the city (and throwing in a random day hike here and there), they're great (but the leather versions would be more suited to wet winter conditions).
  15. The Great Outdoors

    Only difference between the Field 6" and the fully AR 670-1 compliant model is leather and a couple extra eyelets...Outsole and ventilation are all the same otherwise. Definitely not fashion boots in the pejorative sense.