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  1. barto


  2. barto

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: p24-S black . M or L should work
  3. barto

    Urban Techwear

    really curious about that thermaltech fabric. like what does steel cloth feel like? wish i could see it in person
  4. barto

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    chicken little
  5. barto


    this mans a billionaire but still getting a free water cup to fill up with lemonade. never to rich to try and save $$
  6. barto


    theres a couple pieces but a countdown for when they'll be released, so not available to buy until about 7 days from now.
  7. barto

    Tech Fabric Care

    anyone tried ironing Stotz to reactivate DWR as stated on the label?
  8. barto

    Tech Fabric Care

    Acquired some Grangers and Nikwax - getting ready to wash my j1a-gt for the first time. going to follow these procedures (plus remove jacket sling & loosen draw cords on hem and hood) : Any other sage advice? Should items be washed separately? What fabrics can be machine vs hand washed. Dryer vs. hang dry? Grangers for everything? Nikwax on only GT? Best practices to reduce the amount of fading? EDIT: thanks @CARLOOA for the following: How do I wash this stuff? As a general best practice with performance technical fabrics: 1. Run the clean cycle on your empty washer. 2. Double rinse your washer if it’s old. Fabric softener and harsher chemicals can negatively affect material performance. 3. Use technical fabric wash if possible, otherwise use a water based detergent. 4. Zip up jacket and turn inside out to prevent buttons getting fucked and run not on hot. 5. Double rinse. 6. Hang dry. 7a. If you’re experiencing wetting out (when the water doesn’t bead), you may need to reactivate or redistribute DWR, keep inside out and tumble dry low heat or iron on low. 7b. If you’re experiencing wetting out still, you may need to reapply the DWR. if using spray, remove from washer, apply liberally, tumble dry if needed (some sprays don’t require heat to reactivate). If you used 2 in 1, tumble dry if needed. What I do—YMMV: Sell before you wash it, duh. Just kidding: For jackets: single wash cold, double rinse. For S/CH: single wash gentle cycle, no spin—don’t really want premature abrasion though generally these fabrics are pretty hardy. Manufacturer says proprietary coatings. DWR reapplication should be fine. I use a steamer to get the wrinkles out after air drying. For DS: single wash cold, double rinse. Manufacturer says proprietary coatings. DWR reapplication should be fine. For GT/WS/S: Everything is DWR'd, this is a coating on the face fabric that allows the water to bead out. With abrasion this comes off, to reactivate wash, reapply, and depending on what DWR, tumble dry or iron. I use Grangers. For PB: since no outer fabric and no DWR is used no tumble drying or DWR is needed.
  9. barto


    needs a DEEP BUTTERæ port towards the bottom
  10. barto


    maybe they should make a giant sized force lock with bigger magnets so ear buds actually stay connected
  11. barto


    Yeah I think those are the "deep" pockets or whatever they're called. SS17 ACG cargos have em too. Try the front of your left pocket. There should be another pocket exactly like the phone pocket on outside right leg. At least that's what I discovered on my p23ts
  12. barto


    ^ no belt loops on the p23a-ds
  13. barto

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: LA6-DS or LA7-DS in XL
  14. barto


    Discount code not applicable at hotoveli for acronym. Shoulda figured. Oh well still got my item
  15. barto


    still an SM1-AM at haven