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  1. hey man you recently posted about 3D printing a leather rope necklace and I wanted to know what the bag was you used in that picture!

  2. since more pics were requested... bag with the modulars. 3d printed zipper pull. just diy'ed the strap. 2" > 1" conversion with QLQR. tried a few other pieces of hardware that werent doing a good job holding the strap so got an AustriAlpin cobraframe. ended up needing a new huge backpack for music gear too so got one from the same surplus store. would love to own a foil 3a-1 one day but this was about $200 for everything
  3. keep us updated! 3d artist myself. a designer i know makes leather rope knot necklaces (2nd image). this is just a small version i 3d printed in silver. was supposed to be an earring but turned into zipper pull.
  4. i wonder when the site will be updated. i seem to remember nerding out on the new stuff before it was available for purchase last season
  5. P23-ts are huuuuge but yeah a small would be good
  6. re: sound - check out emptyset. specifically the album recur
  7. Might be a difference between regular GT and GT- pro which I think acronym uses
  8. See my post in the bags/backpacks thread. $80 for 90% of the functionality
  9. hype has necessitated diy. Local surplus and fabric store was a total of $80. I only just added the qlqr strap. By no means the cleanest craftsmanship. But for a bag and 2 attachments at that price...
  10. Might have a new winner with a white 3a-3ts for $6666
  11. ^ this. the amount of TS attachments is lacking given how many TS items there are
  12. weird
  13. i got one since it was only $40. because typically you cant just take these belts on/off without removing the buckle, i wanted to get a polymer buckle in case i happen to go to an airport. it was kind of a pain to install at first. fit wise, i had them on my p-10's and they were fine but just moved them over to my p23-ts. since the p23's are so fucking huge in the waist this belt is perfect. it def helps keep the shape and it is much more comfortable to wear than the previous flimsy belt. Link
  14. edit: sold
  15. oops looks like ur right. the drawcord and jersey cuff were lost on me at first glance making it look like a p10 silhouette.