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  1. Thanks Zork, will do.
  2. Well that sucks. Still not sure if there ever was an XL J63.
  3. I sure hope there is a set of normal pants in the mix this season. Do not want Harem pants or Capris, no matter how hi-tek the fabric. Also, can anyone comment on the fit of the J63-pb. The listed measurement for the chest seems quite generous, and I’m thinking a L could actually work instead of my usual XL.
  4. A subject near and dear too me. I’m an advocate of the wind shirt method: base layer, then a wind shirt to create a microclimate, topped off with insulation. Most modern day insulation layers have enough DWR that you seldom need a hardshell (the most over rated garment in your wardrobe albeit the sexiest). In fact unless it’s really wet, I find most of my fleece jackets suffice. As for boots, I prefer fast, light, and easy to dry rather than waterproofing that never holds out. Of course if you are in arctic conditions, or a climate that will actually give you frostbite, by all means opt for the most waterproof boot you can find. Otherwise, embrace the suck, wet feet won’t kill you, and an extra pair of sox is lighter than wet boots in the morning. Wool > Synthetic. Camping hammocks rock. Life is better in the outdoors!
  5. Theres a dedicated page on the Rit Dye site w formulas for various colors. I modified the Moss Green recipe (vintage colors) w a little less green/more brown & black. I'll try to remember to snap some pix when i get back from lake house vacation.
  6. I used Rit Dye to turn my pairs of season 1 cargos to a shade far close to true black. Also overdyed my green pair from last season in an attempt to approximate Acronym RAF with less success. Still better than that hideous Nike green tho.
  7. Stotz blazer in RAF to match the P24's would cover a lot of my suiting needs.
  8. I think the fleece is what was needed to give the proper heft to what seems to be a homage to a couple of classic leather jackets. Seems like the backing also softens the hard creases seen on the unlined SHAKEDRY™ bike jackets, especially on the hood and sleeves, adding to the illusion. Question for those who have seen the product. Pick a color. Black? Grey? Green?
  9. J63 in RAF plz
  10. Revive still has p10 L, P24's, J46 in sizes
  11. Hope drop 2 has shorts in RAF. Really splurged this time though...
  12. Yes
  13. Also: J1TS-S RAF/BLK P10TS-DS BLK P24-S RAF S19-DS BLK
  14. I thought you were supposed to battle him to the death and take his power?
  15. See any shorts?