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  1. Cornuto


    Plus you can dress them up. P10's look too ninja for anything but casual wear. Like the rise on the Voronois better too.
  2. Cornuto

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Was just chatting with Matthijs from Byborre about the Adidas/Byborre True Color colab. It was just an R&D project, but such interest has been shown that they are considering bringing it to life. In any case the FW20 collection will be incorporating True Color as part of their sustainability initiatives.
  3. Cornuto


    I don’t buy ACRNM for silly color ways and gratuitous branding. Guess the the Nike ACG colab money wasn’t enough to fuel the celebrity lifestyle.
  4. Cornuto


    It’s been like 2 years?! since I last copped a jacket. Would have bought a J44-sd if it had black zips, bummed I slept on the J72-ds, especially in black, don’t think J84-s is enough of an upgrade for me to replace my J58-s…. So what jackets are folks pining for most?
  5. Cornuto


    My personal theory is that delam is caused by overly acidic sweat, not the oil content. Extra stinky armpits when working out or burning holes in the chest or back of a T-shirt are indicators that your sweat pH is closer to 4 than 7 (neutral). Since it can be caused by too frequent exercise it can be a problem for the highly trained athlete. Remember PTFE (GORE-TEX) is nothing more than Teflon, and it really doesn’t want to stick to ANYTHING, not just a jackets face fabric. Gore has never officially acknowledged there is a problem. But wearing a shell when it’s 40° and sunny makes me so much more Xteme!
  6. Cornuto


    Innovation just for the sake of change isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes it leads to ‘rain catcher’ thigh pockets. P10’s <$1000 USD.
  7. Cornuto


    Oh please Mr. E, could you make me a blazer? Actually 2. One in S RAF, and another in Black DS. I promise I’ll leave you alone after that.
  8. Cornuto


    Zipper works fine. Lube it with a pencil. I much prefer the stotz, it has a nice substantial feel AND it comes in RAF.
  9. Cornuto


    Silver zip is ugly/too Gothy. Not fond of non-RAF green either. For a company that made it’s name on it’s jackets, I spend a lot more money on the pants.
  10. Cornuto


    Finally a blazer, and it makes you look like a Stasi agent Diggin that shirt tho, interesting texture.
  11. Cornuto


    I'm a 36" waist/6' tall and sizing down to a L from my usual XL worked out perfectly. I would be hesitant to go down to a M unless I could try them on first.
  12. Cornuto

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Wish I could fit into a L. And < size 13 shoes too.
  13. Cornuto

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J72-DS either black or white or both XL
  • Nike Green Gyakusou Logo Running T-Shirt
    $US 55