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  1. SI:SP Sheer Vent Bomber Jacket Size XL 600$ --> 360$
  2. Another bargain here: ACG Gore-tex jacket from this season. Only size XXL 70% off: 750 --> 225$ On the North-american Mr. Porter-site. Plenty of Hermo Laminar at 70% discount as well: Veilance also popping up at mythical 70% occasionally
  3. Veilance Field Shirt Size Medium only. 525$ --> 209$ NAVY
  4. A lot of Veilance at 40% off - don't sleep on this!'teryx-veilance/
  5. Thats actually pretty interesting/funny. Stripper shoes, as in something like these? I can see the resemblance I feel that the Air Max 97s are definetely the sleekest of the Air Max's out there. The minimzed swoosh, along with the sleek design and aero(aqua)dynamic shape reminds me of some sort of predator. Actually the looks reminds me of some type of shark. Besides the previously posted CVS-model, my favorites are of the VT-model, which is thermo-molded and therefore seamless:
  6. These are some of my favorite shoes. Works very well with the tech aesthetic
  7. I second this! The Turkisk Lira has been depreciated alot recently, and when you add-to-card after creating an account on the site, the discount gets even better. I picked up the Field LT-jacket for roughly a third of retail price.
  8. Also some interesting deals on White Mountaineering Goretex-jackets - Are these from the retroed BLK-line? Goretex Field Jacket 1558€ -> 467€ Sizes: 2 & 3 (M & L i reckon) Goretex Bomber Jacket 1224€ -> 367€ Size 3 (L i reckon) Theres some Qasa Y3s amongst other interesting items on the site as well. Happy shopping!
  9. Another very good deal - be quick! SISP Fishtail Parka 950€ -> 285€ Size S
  10. SISP 592€ -> 178€ size S
  11. SISP 70101 Fishtail Parka. Only size medium left! 1300$ -> 520$
  12. Stone Island 'Tank Shield' Shell-jacket, size XL. 60%-off On the US-site
  13. The size S of the Galvanic coat above is sold out. However its restocked in medium - same link. Don't sleep!
  14. Galvanic coat in black at 50% off @MrPorter - size S edit: on the US-site!
  15. I just ordered the Veilance Doeln coat earlier today in size Large. I was told there had been an inventory-error, and they only had a M left. So if anybody is interested in the M you might wanna check for it to be restocked, or contact Atelier NY directly. I was told they had the LT blazer in neptune in size L as well at 60%