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  1. 78

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS: TT-KA1-KA2-LA1 Super fuckin' rare. Peep it below. Happy to deal outside. Giddy up. https://www.grailed.com/listings/3491652-Acronym-TT-KA1-KA2-LA1
  2. 78


    Very true. The thing that was particularly upsetting was they did it without informing us. It did feel that they disregarded the folks who had been supporting the brand for ever (Been buying ACR since their first 'global' release... I cant even remember the year anymore... 04/05 I believe?). I understand why they did it. What left a bad taste was how they did it. They did show love back for the DAF drop but not for the SS drop. Like someone mentioned it does suck that you need to buy shit blindly without having time to check measurements... otherwise it'll sell out. Hearing a size small P25 has a 51.5cm waist may cause some confusion for some buyers... I'm hopeful E and M will keep exploring new ways to create a more favourable buying experience/environment. Maybe show the collection earlier so people can know what's coming out? Not all of us have the time/connections to illicit pics of upcoming drops... (Btw sup to some of the older cats here)
  3. 78

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    sup fellas. been a minute. yep selling a piece from way back in '09. It's DS but the age has created a lil' rusting on the key ring. Which can be replaced easily. Everything is DS with bags n' spec sheet. get at me with offers
  4. 78

    Rats AW 15

    fuck yeah. the details n' quality are on point again. most importantly shit's tough as nails.
  5. 78


    With the abolishment of standard season collections does anyone know how the forthcoming items will be dropping?
  6. 78


    No sets in FW1314
  7. 78


    SS14 not being produced rumour... Anyone know more?
  8. 78

    Please Lock!

    Can u pls email me measurements of the nbhd shirt [email protected] Thanks
  9. 78

    Visvim F/W 12

    Hiroki in Bali... Buying up batik samples... Dissertation on Eat, Pray, Love... Javier Bardem look book...
  10. 78

    Visvim SS12

    Virgil RRP anyone??
  11. 78

    Visvim SS12

    couple Q's re the new virgils... just one c/w? rrp was? thanks in advance missed out on the initial drop... so when these turned up... another 11 !
  12. long time... Sammies... 710s first editions... so what's that... 3yrs worn regularly washed a dozen or so times.. who can remember and cares anymore ha. close ups are closest to reality. NO PS on this shit.
  13. 78

    Visvim F/W 11.12

    don't forget to factor in the yen/us$ nonsense... think about it... if it was still the ol' exchange rate that'd be a 20% discount! hahahaha
  14. 78

    The Soloist S/S 2011

    the new hype for those in the know..................