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  1. arcteryx veilance

    Operands just dropped on Darkside. Not sure if they're the same as the ones featured in the SS19 lookbook https://www.thedarksideinitiative.com/collections/arcteryx-veilance/products/arcteryx-veilance-operand-long-sleeve-shirt-dark-navy-fw1819?variant=8707380445238
  2. arcteryx veilance

    From what I understand, shakedry is pure performance. It's literally just the GTX membrane. The advantage of Shakedry over 3L is that it has no face fabric, meaning there is nothing to wet-out and the fabric will continuously breathe. Think of it us unlimited DWR. The downside is that it's ugly
  3. arcteryx veilance

    I'm still waiting for grey Terratex voros. The shorts look interesting too. BTW, does anyone want to trade their 34 Voronoi shorts for my black 36 Apparat shorts (NWT)
  4. arcteryx veilance

    I would agree. I have Motus tees for running, paddling and cycling. It's so efficient at moving sweat and incredibly quick drying. For how old it is, its amazing I have yet to find a better performance fabric. I will conceded that the shoes suck. Is Satisfy that good? The branding looks a little silly to me and the prices...
  5. arcteryx veilance

    I am so hyped for this. I run a lot and my biggest gripe is how lame the gear is. Really looking forward to the tees and shorts
  6. arcteryx veilance

    I too got rid of my Nemis but it's a stellar jacket. It's made from Terratex, an incredibly lightweight breathable yet wind resistant material. It's perfect for chilly summer nights and mornings. Really feels like you're not wearing anything and adapts easily to your climate. It's funny because it's lighter than the other SS jackets but have the biggest internal pockets.
  7. arcteryx veilance

    What's up with all these fake items popping up. They're clearly all coming from the overseas Arc factory. You'd think someone at Arc would put a stop to it
  8. arcteryx veilance

    Hang it while you take a shower, the steam should take care of it. Regular wear will help too
  9. arcteryx veilance

    Nomin V2 on sale at East Dane
  10. arcteryx veilance

    How can I resist that Graph at 5% off
  11. arcteryx veilance

    Not every pant can fit like the P23. If you want unrestricted movement, you either have to use a voluminous cut or a stretchy fabric which looks/feels bad or stretches out over time. The idea of Veilance is simple: ordinary clothes with a technical minimalist approach which is city sensible. I live in my Voronois, Aligns and Fields which are distinctively different cuts. The Voros have a knee dart which dramatically improve comfort when sitting. The Aligns have a slimmer cut than the Field which are more appropriate for formal settings. I do hear your point on the reuse of patterns. Fuck the Convex. If you work in a office, Veilance pants are a gods send. I use to wear trousers which would get uncomfortable sitting down. I get that there are certain things in the pattern that could be improved but understand that they work within various constraints. Add too many panels and they get overly technical. Widen the cut here, then they won't retain the clean look. I would like to hear recommendations on pants of a similar silhouette which you believe fit better. The OG Classics maybe? EDIT: BTW who knows what new pants are coming for FW. If nothing exciting is coming, may just cave and buy some comfy Vis ones
  12. arcteryx veilance

    No issues from what I've noticed. But that said I'd much rather own the old Terratex iteration. It doesn't crease and has much more stretch.
  13. arcteryx veilance

    Shoot me a PM Veilance is turning into premium mainline. Does anyone else thing mainline pants are just ugly and don't fit the Arc'teryx profile
  14. arcteryx veilance

    Isogon MX <3<3<3 I dont believe it's peat but a Golden brown. I have a video of the EU trade show with the colour pallet that I've already shared with some members here. Fuck the down sweaters. They're actually super cool in what kind of insulation they use and how they're constructed that the video doesn't quite capture, but still ugly. Winter gonna be expensive
  15. arcteryx veilance

    Came across this and thought it's worth a share. From the brand name that would puzzle store associates to now the outerwear titan, Veilance has certainly come a long way. I can't be feel there more authenticity back in the day, maybe it's just nostalgia. Peep the old Field jackets and the god ERLSN in Veilance