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  1. Ah sorry, still new to using the site. I'll get them up shortly. Edit: Added! Thanks very much for that. Thought it was just stitched shut. The gusset on the side still get in the way but opens up a lot of space.
  2. As promised, here's the full review of the V2 Nomin. I am thoroughly impressed after a week of use. Previously I rotated between the V1 Nomin, Arro 22 and a Patagonia Refugio. I will use these as benchmarks to compare. Dimensions and Capacity The V1, V2 and Arro clocking at 26, 18, and 22L respectively; however, the volumes are rather misleading and a poor indicator of capacity. Though the V1 and Arro are bigger than the V2 on paper, the V2 allocates space much better. It features a dedicated side-access document and laptop compartment in the back. There is a rigid panel bifurcating the compartment which I use to separate paper and my laptop. It comfortably fits a 13 Mac Air, and three notepads (200 sheets). It is compatible with larger computers but the pocket above will get in the may, making access harder. The compartment is fully foam lined, obsoleting the need for a laptop case. Since the compartment is side access, it is disappointing that the bag no longer features a side handle. Overall, the compartment is much better than the V1 foam organizer. Unzipping the back zipper will reveal a quick access pocket in the top of the bag for quick top loading. I use it to store my sunglasses, key, wallet and hand sanitizer. There are gussets on both sides of the pocket to prevent spillage. The front of the bag is a large top loader. There is a ripstop pouch sew to the top. It is considerably smaller and less accessible than the pouch in the V1 Nomin; however, the white interior makes locating items much easier. The rounded shape of the bag makes sidling the zips much easier than the V1. Overall, though the V2 is the smallest of the three bags, I am able to load much more without worry of items pooling to the bottom of the bag. Utility As a daily carry bag my preference for the V2 is beyond reproach. I am able to easily store, access and carry a variety of items without worry. Attached is an image of what I carry in the bag normally while still having a lot of unused space. The straps have been redesigned from the V1 and are now much more comfortable. Previous the S-shape of the V1 straps would dig into my pits and cause a great deal of irritation. The new shape does an excellent job mitigating this problem. I feel much less fatigue with the new straps as compared to the V1 and dare say the Arro too. A gentleman from the Arc store informed me that the straps are made from materials from their harness program and create torque to reduce pressure on the wearer's shoulders. The ladderlock is now concealed in the strap making adjustments harder but do rectify the problem of slippage. Previously when wearing the Arro with my Galvanic, I found the straps would crush the collar, the V1 and V2 Nomin are cut in a way to avoid contact with the collar. Price I know there was a lot of criticism over the price of the bag. Yes 800 USD is a lot of money but justified with the V2. It's amazing how effective the bag is at material allocation. The thin straps are incredibly comfortable and pack easily into a plane overhead. The shape is considerably more refined than the V1. If you can justify the Arris, Field or Align then get the Nomin, you'll get much more wear. I suggest checking the bag out in person. Thanks!
  3. Just got the V2 Nomin. I'm surprised its 18L as well. Compared to my Arro 22 it fits considerably more. With respect to the V1 Nomin, though it is 26L, the ripstop pouch takes up almost all of the front compartment. Overall I'm really enjoin the bag and will post a full review soon
  4. The align was an AV winter shell that was designed to accommodate layering. Think of it as the AV Beta AR. Though trimmer than mainline, the Align is considerably roomier than other AV shells. For reference I wear a M in the Arris but a M in the Align. I'm comfortably able to layer the Mionn (past season) under the Align. This picture displays the Align's layer abilities and fit the best. With some digging you can find some more fits of it from the original Haven editorial. Re wrist adjustor: Most AV do use elastic; however, the Align uses a strip of webbing floating between the face fabric and the wrist liner with a Cobrax snap at the end. There are two positions for the the snap to attach. As you pull the strap, the entire piece of webbing moves and cinches the wrist. The snap works by sliding to lock and unlock, as opposed to the conventional lift and press to fasten. You won't be too bothered by the additional length if any.
  5. I'm personally a fan of the jacket (bomber). As great the the OS looks in editorials and photos, it feels kindly silly to wear a wool soft-shell shirt. There isn't much opportunity to wear it with anything other than a tee or dress shirt. I also didn't like the absence of useful pockets.
  6. Thanks a lot. Sounds like the right fit for me. My main problem with the old Nomin was difficulty pulling the zippers around the corners. Hopefully the straps are more secure. My old pack straps would constantly slip in the ladderlock. I was quoted by an Arc employee that the pack is also 26L. Is that true? The pictures makes it look considerably smaller. I'll check it out in store this weekend.
  7. Anyone with experience with the Nomin pack? Interested to know what the new features are.
  8. I thought samples were only made in medium. The seller seems to have every size available. I am curious to know what the second predominately white paper tag is. The collar on the Dyadic looks a little different from mine. The shape may have been revised though.
  9. Tons of employee discretion. I've head the head warranty rep pull a lot of strings for me. When you send an item in, the warranty rep will do an assessment of your item and make notes under your case. They act as general guideline should you call be and deal with another rep. Some don't understand AV and consider it as "fashion" which isn't to be as durable as mainline. Those reps are generally more reluctant to repair or replace damaged AV items that clearly have QC problems. It always helps to get a second opinion.
  10. Huh I remember their CS to be much more lenient back in the day. If an item was being replaced under warranty, you could request any item of similar price. Now they will only offer you a replacement of similar function Edit: I don't know how far back you're going but I'm speaking from my experience circa 2014.
  11. Did they offer you the Indisce as a replacement to steer you away from another pair of ARs or did you request them. I ask because when AV recognizes there is a problem with a product, they typically will be reluctant to replace with an identical model.
  12. I would say the Align are the slimmest in how constricting they are. There really isn't any articulation past the seat. Sitting down you immediately will feel tightness. That being said, they are still the best option for work pants. They don't have any weird knee bulge while being more conformable and movement ready than ordinary chinos or dress pants. I could be wrong but I think the Voronois have a smaller leg opening that the Aligns. You will find more room in the thighs of the Voronois and a sharp taper past the knee. Edit: The slimmest AV pants I've tried are the Liminals. They're made from a waxed peached twill nyco.
  13. I was pretty surprised by how soft the Haedn OS was. No itchiness at all. The interior has fleece laminated. Only your neck is really touching the face-fabric. I'm not sure if it a difference in colour but I have found the Haedn OS to be softer than the jacket. I took the same size in the OS as I did my Arris, Field OS and Graph