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  1. itHZwhatitHZ


    In NJ and seem to be dealing with a similar issue (also ordered J105). You should receive a call from UPS to collect your TIN or SSN so they can submit for clearance. It sounds sketch, but I think it's the only way to get it moving.
  2. itHZwhatitHZ


    J101-GT The new funk brutalism. Compact and comprehensive, J101 makes no bones and brooks no compromise. Stopless. Direct. Asymmetric. Jacketsling for portability. AuxZip for modularity. EscapeZip for rapidity. Interops for variability. 3L GORE-TEX® Pro** for extremity. [ **Built with enhanced Gore-Tex® Pro most breathable technology to provide extreme breathability—minimizing moisture buildup to give more comfort in more conditions—with retained ruggedness, uncompromised waterproof and windproof protection, and superior lightweight qualities with an improved environmental footprint. ] [ **Optimized for breathability during higher-intensity activities, while retaining the ruggedness and waterproof ratings for which Gore-Tex® Pro is known. This technology newly introduces the lightest laminates ever offered in the Gore-Tex® Pro category, using 30-denier face textiles and the new solution-dyed version of the robust Micro Grid™ backer.]
  3. itHZwhatitHZ


    So is the drop still 12/16? Either Nubian jumped the gun and subsequently scrubbed their posts or I'm also seeing that the release was delayed?
  4. itHZwhatitHZ


    Would love to see Acronym's take on more formal footwear, oxfords, Chelsea boots, etc.- and hopefully chrome is involved some way.
  5. itHZwhatitHZ


    No. 3A-1 is not meant to carry a laptop comfortably.
  6. itHZwhatitHZ


    J86-GTB and P45-GT have yet to drop. Perhaps there will one more mothersite drop before the end of the season.
  7. itHZwhatitHZ


    Discount is automatically applied in cart.
  8. itHZwhatitHZ


    Here are a few from me. Still pics don't really do this silhouette justice; very fun in motion. My favorite Acr pant at the moment.
  9. itHZwhatitHZ


    Actually includes latest drop with the exception of the SP29-M.
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342