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  1. I'm 175 and 64kg - I chose the S and there's a bit of space for me around the body, and the sleeves are a bit too long. But I have a J69 in S and the sleeves on that are also a bit too long, so it's just Acrnm sizing. So a M should be fine for you unless you want it to be a really fitted jacket and not wear anything bulky underneath.
  2. Even with their sizing chart it still isn't consistent - the length seems to be the front from under the collar for the S, because it definitely isn't as per their diagram. The chest size is a bit off, and I suppose the shoulder and sleeve length is 'accurate'. But for jackets that have raglan sleeves I'm not sure how sleeve length gets measured!! I just have to order S and hope that I haven't gained weight or height...!
  3. I'm also pretty happy with how the actual jacket fits compared to the measurements.... was anxious that the J105 would fit too tight, but other than the sleeves being a tad too long, I like how it wears. Glad I managed to get one in time after missing out on the recent J29.
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