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  1. so the book already arrived yesterday. it is really awsome... hope this guy will do another Levi´s book including all the jeans I miss in this book.
  2. thanks a lot probellerbeanie, like maynard i was after it for a long time and bought this morning. looking very forward...
  3. yes indeed, the older version came a little heavier and of a darker shade. cone recreated that vintage loomstate denim for that 100 years celebration, also they developed a new denim for the 1890 in 2016...
  4. These are the new 1915s, that came out when Levi´s and Cone celebrated their 100 years anniversary of partnership in 2015. If you like it even brighter, go for the current 2016 version of the 1890.
  5. Many thanks for sharing. Love the raw denim blue of the sack coat. Interesting how greenish it appears after one wash...
  6. are these the 2015 version of the 1915? got myself a pair back then... love the colour and these should be nice for summer. some more pics of how they developed would be nice.
  7. for further info, watch out for Paul T's blog:
  8. Bad thing 1st: These are the so called "thai fakes", so I hope you did not spent to much, for these aren´t accurate in any way. These have nothing to do with a vintage pair of Levi´s. The only good thing is: They accomplish killer fades, since the denim seems to be very nice. Wear the hell out of them.
  9. Many thanks. At the good olde bay.
  10. Sometimes life is good to a collector, for I was lucky enough to grab a nearly pristine late 60s 501 at the price of a current LVC pair. to me very interesting are the two tone yoke and arc stitches denim comparison: left original, right LVC '76 comparison to my late 50s:
  11. Many thanks for your quick response... will try out coconut oil then.
  12. Hi folks, soon I will get a pair of worn in Alden Indy Boots made from Horween Chromexcel, and since all recommended care products for this "pull up" contain animal ingredients, I would love to know if anyone here has an advice for a good vegetarian care product? Many thanks in advance
  13. also Unionmade provides the actual measurements.
  14. many thanks Paul T thanks for clearifying that Lee topic. speaking of sanforized denim, it´s interesting that the denim of cool hands mirror jeans are just to shrink about 5%, rather than 10% for most rigid LVCs
  15. Many thanks for posting all the details. Love the brighter shade of blue here. The denim reminds of rigid Lee jeans. Btw. did Lee also buy it´s denim from Cone? Now the claim to use japanese denim for their 101 range...