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  1. I would guess in the early 1920s since the 1915 repro has standart hems while my 1922s 201s come with chainstitched hems...
  2. great purchase and post. the 44s to me long stood for the best denim LVC would offer back in the days and still is one of my favorite vintage jeans, superior to the 47s and 37s...
  3. or these
  4. watch out for the nevada:
  5. heads up, there will be an 1880s waist overall from natural indigo denim this fall. but i asume it will be unafordable like the mirror jeans... they look kind of nice though(watch for the gussetted yoke). also the closed front jumper is pretty intriguing. just scroll down here:
  6. You are welcome. Sorry, but can´t tell about the type 2.
  7. ok, here you are from left: original 60s 501, 1955, 1966, 1978 left 1955 right 1966 top 1955 beneath 1966 left original 60s, right 1955 close of the 1955
  8. yesterday i received the current 1955, which are of a very beautiful and hairy denim. LVC here too, seems to have choose another updated cone denim, allthough the 1955 denim always was one of the best along with 1944s denim. so thinking of the freakingly low rise (unauthentic) of the 1966 i would definitely go for the 1955, which also come up with a high rise. maybe i can take some photos for comparison later the day.
  9. The freak is right, but this label is of a standart Red Tab jacket. An LVC label of that period should come up with 555 code, for nearly all(not so the 554) LVC had been made exclusively at the Valencia Street factory back in the days... There are a lot of 70500 "Slim Fit Trucker" jackets to find at ebay around 30-50 bucks at ebay.
  10. nice pair JoFo, thanks for sharing. since i got some 1947s too and refused to wash em, i would like to know how much your pair shrunk lengthwise?
  11. heavy roping though. nice.
  12. many thanks for sharing guys, these seem to fade pretty fast. what about the leg twist, did it accure -which i am hoping for- ? i try to not wash as long as possible, since i like the bright silverish blue of the raw state.
  13. @setterman, so the 1st wash did all shrinkage!? how hot was the initial wash then? could you make a fotograph of your pair? Many thanks
  14. unfortunately it seems to be out of stock again. that´s pretty fast.
  15. so the book already arrived yesterday. it is really awsome... hope this guy will do another Levi´s book including all the jeans I miss in this book.