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  1. thanks for sharing and indeed he has, but its all about the angle...
  2. real vintage: late 50s to early 60s 501 (NOS), early to mid 70s 501 (NOS) repro: 1990s Levi's 501 valencia street '55 and production
  3. and does the guy on the left really say "Jeansjacke" (German for denim jacket) at 1.39?
  4. iconic shoes aswell, since chets shoes seem to feature dainite soles
  5. the 1001 pair I bought in april '22 (see page 345) and worn ever since for around 80% of the time, like 4 60° celsius washes outside out. the 32,5" shrank to an 30" inseam.
  6. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/140373459_men-s-miner-s-pants-five-button-style-dement-trunk-possibly-by-levi-strauss-159097 please help me unseeing the skulls on that Rorschach canvas
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