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  1. tg76

    Pandemic Masks

    After our lockdown we figured it was only a matter of time that we would get fresh cases and need masks. Being mindful of single use Waste and also living and working with a lot of people that live in poverty I mobilised my student workers and we made about 800 masks to distribute across the school and community. I also made some others cause if I’m going to make something and wear it, it should be good quality and go with my clothes... here’s some of them. Adapted the free Burda pattern. Most of them haven’t been used, but we are prepared, like all them trolls that carry condoms just in case someday, somewhere... stacks of half made student ones, mostly cut from random fabrics that were donated stack of student made ones I finished off and tidied up, some made from some vintage Japanese cotton, with ties cause I hate the ear things, spacies for my nephew custom one for the finance officer at work one by my student teacher (its dr Ashley Bloomfield that lead NZ through our response, alongside JA) more spacies Cause someone said made a matchy matchy scrunchy for a friend
  2. tg76

    who here is drunk?

    ehoa, I can smell your socks from here always a snooping at the details in the background concept
  3. tg76

    shit you hate

    I hate google search.. I tried to search for that famous westside picture the other day to put on a moodboard for my year 9's and got pages of ads for lame shit instead (I have random superfuture relics all around my classroom, Serge is right some of that stuff was/is ahead of its time)
  4. tg76

    What are your jeans doing today?

    reusing some old denim curtains pleated and rolled and folded now simmering in fresh ground coffee. Will leave over night to get a really deep colour. will not leave due to reuse another day like this avocado one.. oops
  5. tg76

    what are you reading today?

    Left side read it right side lined up to read im already pitying my partner being in lockdown with me while I read VOX. Have only had one rant about douchy jocktastic alpha males so far After going for a well-being bike ride. lucky I have 5 go gluten free to lighten the mood.
  6. tg76

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

    came for the denim stayed for the trash the trash is dead long live the future (hi Ande)
  7. tg76

    shit you hate

    people that don't keep left on shared paths (if you're in a country that drives on the left)
  8. both Cobras newer pair is special roll #4 older pair cant remember but they are about 6 years old i think
  9. Thanks, those are all my partners jeans. It took me a while to get him out of Levi’s and into these but now he’s thrashing them all in high rotation. my jeans these days are black and black homemade and wrangler all my more interesting ones are just hanging out waiting for me to love them again .. apart from these circleAbrand ones which are one of my favourite things
  10. Patches on patches on patches on some well worn Andewhalls and worn a little less pair different denim on each pair first pair started off as office pair then became the out in the field pair..
  11. tg76

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

    Ive always lurked more than Ive posted. stopped posting because it got way too hostile have lots of denim updates, I take the pics and never get around to posting. school holidays start tomorrow so i can focus my lock down time on important internet fashionz instead of remote teaching the fashion... or watching netflix
  12. tg76

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

    thank you! ive been trying to remember for days
  13. tg76

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

    Name that series... it had some Russians?, a rabbit?, a girl / lady, the flu was coming, everyone needed to get immunized but the immunization carried a thing that altered your genes, lots of running around, her dad was a scientist, pages from a diary
  14. tg76

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

    waywtqspe Same style same lame poses
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