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  1. Guess I gotta keep these alive if I can't replace them
  2. I was going to call my cat pedagogy, but I called her sausage instead
  3. is the pizza shop open?
  4. go to meet fist bump extend past their hand till wrists meet pull peace sign say 'snail' now its superawkward
  5. shitty pic but blacks have quite crisp whites cracking through greys have some nice smudgy fades both gone buttery soft both worn about 2 or 3 times a week for 4 or 5 months (1 wash)
  6. because im good at shopping, this happened 3 pairs of cobras... 2 indigo so me and him can be matchy matchy(10), 1 black so i can be super bogan cheers Ande, will buy you a beer or 2 in January when im back down that way
  7. stubbies bro
  8. i met up with Ande last year for a beer and he wasnt even wearing them but there are quite often 2 people in my house wearing them,, does that count?
  9. got me some grey jeans to match my cat normal awesome ande quality, love the cowgirl pocket bags i got the last pair yay
  10. catfight? scissortime? where did the powder room go?
  11. jem is the reason i add lens flair to all my photos
  12. whats your scientifick reasoning behind that?
  13. um i dunno they look like them, but they dont have the city tag on the tongue maybe they are fake (hope not i got them from a legit sneaker geek shop in auckland) they are comfy though /derail
  14. the last of the cobra sr4... ande selVAGerized my fly lazy fit pics kapai ande, mucho aroha