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  1. I kinda liked the lockdowns, but I'm in a position of privilege Also glad i was protected from the first strains cause the so called lighter / later one that i got at the start of this year has kicked my arse. Most stuff is back to normal 6 months later but my heart is a bit mental now. Also, I fear the 3 headed monster that is about to be in the boss seats. ew politics. Jeans related one of my ex students is now living in Okinawa doing a weaving and natural dying intern thing, she sent me a whole lot of links to do with ROY saying I feel like you would appreciate this guys work, she's super cool, I might send her my old ROY's for Christmas.
  2. Stuff viruses its gonna be the mushroom spores that shakes us off the earth. (the girl with all the gifts.) I read way too many dystopian future books But I haven't started prepping, live at the top of a hill, haven't installed zombie stopping spikes, basement not full of food or water, torch has no battery, vege garden is not planted for the season. But I do have clothes and art. Oh and a cat called SPUD (better than a pug) and giant carnivorous snails. This thread is good for my procrastinations.
  3. same next door here in Nz , everything butter is my go to. Don’t recommend the other concoction though, that’s an unwanted gifted from someone that figured I love coffee so I’d like this. but best peanut butter I ever had was from a hippie shop in Brixton that made their own, also made glutard bread so it was my one stop food shop for the minute I lived there.
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