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  1. tg76

    What are your jeans doing today?

    Found the jeans I was looking for and these which I thought I sent to CMF years ago when I left Auckland
  2. tg76

    What are your jeans doing today?

    All good. I met my perfectly imperfect match and we've been together almost 12 years now. We were set up on a blind date a few weeks after the beach date.. he askes me what my hobbies are, 'taking photos of jeans and posting them on the internet'... are they special jeans? kind of yeah...told him about the dd+1 evisu tour jeans and the Roy comp was about to start. only a short date as he needed to go put on his lycra and ride his bike with his friends, (his bike collection seriously out does my jeans collection) when I took the photos of the hat he laughed and said are you posting on the internet again. Yeah, the current teenagers, conversations I overhear at work horrify me (I teach at a large girls high school*) and ex students that are in their mid 20's tell me their dating stories and laugh and cry at the same time. my step daughter wont talk to us about her BF which is triggering her dad, I'm equal parts she's a grown up she doesn't have to and a bit concerned that she's naive and will do something stupid. We are building a 'shed' that will be half workshop half glasshouse this year so my tomatoes can be all year round. My kale, spinach and lettuce look like they are on 'roids at the moment as we've had a couple of tropical rainstorms over the last couple of weeks... now we just need to remember to eat the stuff. Today I'm going to dig out a pair of made in NZ jeans from the 90's cause the company is rebooting and want images of their original jeans #procrastinating *a school with a big roll for female students not a school for plus size females
  3. tg76

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    came for the jeans, stayed for the trash
  4. tg76

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Nah, hassling people for stuff they cant change, you know, race, height, age makes you a bit of an egg aye
  5. been a while since I lost time lurking the sufu, this thread makes it seem like a nice place these days late to this conversation There is some cool science going on with sustainable textile reuse, I encourage my students to take Science if they are serious about going on to study Textiles or Fashion at Uni. I was at a sustainable fashion thing a couple of years ago and one of the scientists was working with E.coli to strip colour from polyesters to turn it back into a neutral colour. When I'm teaching and talking about spider goats and bulletproof fabric my students usually roll their eyes and ask what dystopian fiction I'm reading. And someone mentioned cashing in rep points? yes please. Need money for BYBORRE miffy collection.
  6. tg76

    What are your jeans doing today?

    Yeah, I’m pretty introverted and aspie so find meeting new people awkward anyway. In the past had just met people as part of social life. she is a lucky cat. They were going to put her to sleep as she had too many issues, but I was like nah I can deal with them. She has anxiety, allergic to red meat and a dodgy hip. She’s now 18, goes to the vet for arthritis meds every month and on thyroid meds. She also has great taste in music. tomatoes and spinach from me garden
  7. tg76

    What are your jeans doing today?

    yes... I'm spending today listening to records with the cat and tidying the cats toilet (huge garden) the happily ever after will be around somewhere, hopefully making endless cups of tea (I transitioned him from Levis to APC to Andewhalls)
  8. tg76

    What are your jeans doing today?

    the beach was nice, went for a swim, made awkward we have nothing in common conversation a few weeks later I got set up on a blind date and we lived happily ever after dating is awkward I never want to do it again
  9. tg76

    What are your jeans doing today?

    Wearing ancient cut off Levi’s finding stuff to do at home on a sticky hot day while feeling post vaccination crappy… first made a new cover for the cat bed then made a hat out of the legs of my old Yamane's (cut them off to go on a date at the beach and I didn’t own beach clothes) Evolution of jeans a bit… my hat has the start of some honeycomb fades. Used the reverse for the under brim to show the selvedge. Yamane's have been worn and washed lots over the 12 years since I hacked them in half, would have been worn more if they were still long as I don't wear shorts in public much. The rest of day sitting outside reading and drinking peppermint tea
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