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  1. StrangeLove


    Wtf they got SUPERrep now? Place is an archive. Really nostalgic going through everything.
  2. StrangeLove

    Corny White Girls Appreciation

    rip quidich
  3. StrangeLove

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    Listening to the new frank oceAn album and drinking Capri sun life is rough 😢
  4. StrangeLove

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    Just got into a huge fight. I told my friend I liked this girl and next thing you kno they were making out. So I went up and punched him in the face and He crumbled like a chump. Idk why the girls so mad at me now I told her why I did it. Anyway she took him home to fix his eye and now I'm at another bar by myself 😣
  5. StrangeLove

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    My sister treats her step kids like crap. I yelled at her for it infront of Her Bf. Now they're arguing. I'm feeling really guilty and shouldn't have stuck my nose in.
  6. StrangeLove

    Anime / Manga

    Berserk - off the boat. HxH - hiatus on the boat.
  7. StrangeLove

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    Waaay too coked out 😳
  8. StrangeLove

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    Waaay too coked out 😳
  9. StrangeLove

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    What's few good Asian street style blog? I've been out of the loop
  10. StrangeLove

    Djrajio Dating Thread/Advice Column

    Plenty of Chinese people get girls you just gotta be semi gangsta/hood/masculine/bro n not be a dork there are girls into dorks just not many of em are. This applies to Asian ppl aswell
  11. StrangeLove


    Recently started cycling usually rented from a shop. Any thoughts on Vilano 4.0? I'm not a serious cycler yet.
  12. StrangeLove

    Anime / Manga

    Berserk is back not getting my hopes up though. Really diggin One Punch Man anime madhouse does great work.
  13. StrangeLove

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    I'm buying old stuff in sizes I used to fit and never wearing them. Don't really pay attention to fashion anymore unless it's a specific designer/brand/season. Most days I'm wearing the same shit and a baseball cap.
  14. StrangeLove

    WTB: Rick Owens 07 Exploder