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  1. erockisalive

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    A kid and a house has definitely made me scale back on the amount of money I'm willing to pay for denim right now. I rarely ever buy anything full price these days. I either wait for a sale or buy lightly used on Grailed. I lost some weight and was itching for a new pair around Thanksgiving so I got some cheapo Levis STFs and, honestly, they're my best fitting pair right now. I'd never begrudge anyone spending top dollar for denim if they can afford it, though.
  2. erockisalive

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Squinty McSquinterson reporting for duty. You’d think I would have put in the sunglasses in my pocket. Rising Sun Camber Rogue Territory Clarks
  3. erockisalive

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    Rising Sun Engineer jacket I’ve had for like 8 years.
  4. erockisalive

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    @JDelage Not flying with a denim jacket, but I am going to fly with my Rising Sun outdoor vest for it's many pockets.
  5. erockisalive

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Can confirm that SuFu was way harsher. I barely post fit pics nowadays and mostly lurk because I got slaughtered like 6 years ago for an ill-fitting pair of flatheads. @Dry if you love the way they fit, then that's great. More power to you. Wear what you love. No one SHOULD be mean to you, but it's EASY to be mean on the internet. Over the past 3-4 years this board has shifted more from downsizing 2 sizes to being more into roomier cuts and repros, so you gotta read the room a little. Typically '33s are meant to be roomy. In my experience, reddit.com/r/rawdenim is more into what was popular on this board back in the day, so you may find friendlier folks there.
  6. erockisalive

    The Flat Head

    That's how I like to wear my jeans.
  7. erockisalive


    Quick shot of my son, myself, and my 60s at the Aquarium
  8. erockisalive


    I’d definitely be into black 50s
  9. erockisalive

    Iron Heart Jeans

    @mpukas congratulations on the weight loss! I'm sort of in the same boat. Lost 20 lbs and my DWC jeans are hanging off me. FWIW they don't look too big in that pic
  10. erockisalive


    @Uncle Karl Wow! I've been wearing mine for nearly a year and they're nowhere near as nice!
  11. erockisalive


    My 60s in size 36 have always felt a little big, but lately I’ve felt like I’m swimming in them because I lost a bunch of weight. I finally measured them, after almost a year of wear and several washes, and was surprised that they’re 37 inches in the waist. Has anyone else experienced that amount of stretch? I can’t imagine that I stretched them that much considering they never felt snug.
  12. erockisalive


    They’re both 16.25?
  13. erockisalive


    Went down a #TCBjeans rabbit hole on instagram and came upon this post. Anyone know what these are? Some sort of early version of TCB? Found this site, but I cannot read it. https://ameblo.jp/no-denim-no-life/entry-11523379763.html?frm=theme
  14. erockisalive


    Good to know! Thanks
  15. erockisalive


    Random thought: I really wish Inoue made a size 35. I want to get a pair of 50s, but a 36 would be too big and a 34 too small. Actually, I wish all brands made a 35.