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  1. erockisalive

    Mister Freedom

    I went to Mister Freedom just to try on the Okinawa Ranch Blouse and ended up leaving with one. It’s drying right now.
  2. erockisalive

    Mister Freedom

    I’ve been lusting after the Ranch Blouse for years. Might have to remedy that soon.
  3. erockisalive

    railcar fine goods

    I can only speak from my own experience, but I go to Railcar anytime I need work done on a jean. They’ve downsized two pairs and hemmed a couple others and they’ve always done great work and have been super friendly. Sorry you had a bad experience.
  4. erockisalive

    DWC2 - Final Submissions Thread

    Here are my TCB 60s. Also got a lot of wear the first year, but weight loss put them on the shelf for a few months. “Luckily” weight gain brought them back out of the closet for the last 2 months of the contest!
  5. erockisalive

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Freenote Cloth RRL Officer Chinos The Hill-Side dumb look on my face
  6. erockisalive

    New Contest Suggestions

    I’d be more into one specific jean/shirt/or jacket vs. a free for all, especially considering I’m just coming off of the DWC contest which is pretty much that. A 40s cut would be cool. That’s a hole in my collection, but I’ve also been drooling over Resolute and Tender recently. Cost depending, I’m in. Between $250-350 would be a real sweet spot. edit: just checked out the Warehouse Duck Diggers 1946 since it’s been mentioned a few times on this thread and would def be into that.
  7. erockisalive

    New Contest Suggestions

  8. erockisalive

    Tanuki Japan

    Those seem like they were made specifically to sell to rawdenim reddit. Someone's gonna size down 2 sizes and their feet will turn black and fall off.
  9. erockisalive

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I was also going to single out Pigeon Tree as actually standing out among the rest. Great stuff that's very affordably priced.
  10. erockisalive

    man stain on jeans??

    This thread haunts me.
  11. erockisalive

    Naked & Famous Denim

    Yeah they look legit. Found a post about them on Blueowl http://blueowlworkshop.blogspot.com/2011/12/attention-all-naked-famous-fans.html
  12. erockisalive

    Naked & Famous Denim

    Post a pic of the inside label.
  13. erockisalive


    Those are dope. Where can I buy?
  14. erockisalive


    Hangover = lazy Sunday lounging in my 60s. Feet censored for decency.
  15. erockisalive


    @SuperJackle yeah, seems weird, but i will say that the waist is pretty loose on me and the thighs are slim.