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  1. KS1002 in for a wash
  2. SOC website has all their jeans and measurements.
  3. Do you have fit pics for
  4. aw I feel you. My city is similarly unfriendly. Luckily there's a bike path that works out perfectly for my commute.
  5. your bikes are in pieces yo
  6. You live in the Bay still? You should free dive for abalone next season! I think I'm going to get PADI certified though.
  7. Red Wing Pecos rough out
  8. Got a 10.5D Smokejumper to try on. I made a red arrow where its a little tight. In the blue area I definitely have a little space The ball of my foot may be a little forward of the widest part of the inside of the boot. The heel feels ok, but the instep may be a little tight, that may be just the arch-ease.. This is how much room I have in the toe: Boots look good! I asked about an 11C Brandon from Baker's said: Some other opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. First time I've heard DFW Airport referred to as solely Fort Worth, haha!
  10. That jacket is starting to look exciting.
  11. Either Smokejumper or Bounty Hunter, only difference is the last. I have a 10.5D off-the-rack makeup coming in the smokejumper to try on. I think I will need a C width. I will figure out if the 55/SD/BH last makes sense at that time. originally I wanted the BH last but if I can't try it on it may make it too complicated for me to dial-in. My brannock is an 11B, I wear an 11B in Alden Barrie with dress socks. This leads me to believe I may want a 10.5C or 11C in the Whites for boot socks. Kyle looked at my trace and said 10C but I think that will be too small. I must have messed up the trace. I will try again after I try these 10.5D.
  12. I like the distressed color, but probably don't want them that worn down. Maybe I'd do the brown oil roughout then. Maybe with a smooth brown oil shaft? Not totally comfortable on mixing leathers yet stylewise but could have some good utility and allay my indigo transfer fears. Not usually a big indigo transfer weeny but I've not worn $500 boots either. brown roughtout: distressed roughout and distressed smooth shaft:
  13. I think roughout is for me but I'm not totally sold because I know they will turn indigo blue!
  14. What are some durable leather options for Whites? I heard distressed smooth might be a good option? What else?