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  1. eidolarr


    I went to hotoveli this morning. Sucks for me, ACRNM is online-only for them now, but I was still able to get a NG4 ! and see the other pieces in person There is definitely a second drop coming J79 is wild, i'd look real hard at it if I didn't already have a J1A J77 fabric is incredible in person, but not at that price for me :'(
  2. eidolarr


    Times changing, S/M sitting in stock for more than 10 seconds on both the flagship goretex pieces. thank god, let us suffer either high prices or impossibly fast selling out, but not both anymore.
  3. eidolarr


    That wouldn't break this particular script but a well placed newline would. Or making the site significantly less 1990's by adding some JS. Or using a less degenerate retail model than forcing hundreds of customers to violently mash their refresh buttons twice a year. Edit nevermind I see what you're saying, that would work
  4. eidolarr


    In seriousness though, I don't generally believe that tech nerds deserve to have an advantage here. Shit yall fucked up San Francisco, least you can do is share your secret acronym kopping discord strats. As for idiots accidentally ddosing the site, look I didn't create the game, I'm just playing it and trying to even the field. Scripts like this at a symptom of an absurd situation. One last thought: the script is jank and will probably break in a season or two and I'm not updating it, but it won't be far off. Take the opportunity to learn some basic scripting, that kind of rudimentary computer knowledge pays dividends these days.
  5. eidolarr


    You're all right and I've had a change of heart, so I've subtly edited the script to delete your whole hard drive. That'll teach em!!
  6. eidolarr


    ok if anyone wants the script just PM me, or copy and paste from above
  7. eidolarr


    Every season I macgyver something from scratch to gimme a popup when new items are added, and I've always gotten whatever I'm after. I guess whatever bots the resellers use don't ping too frequently to avoid being blocked. Should work out of the box if you're on OSX, extremely fragile, sorry I know it's bad but I'm just too high: #!/bin/bash sleep_interval=${1:-5s} function get_products { local products=$(curl https://acrnm.com 2>/dev/null \ | perl -n -e'/products\/(.*?)"/ && print "$1\n"') echo "$products" } current_products=$(get_products) current_products_count=$(echo "$current_products" | wc -l) echo "$current_products" echo "Looks like there are ${current_products_count} products right now" echo "Checking every ${sleep_interval} for new stuff..." while true ; do new_current_products=$(get_products) new_current_products_count=$(echo "$new_current_products" | wc -l) if [ "${current_products_count}" -ne "${new_current_products_count}" ]; then echo "whoa there are new products now! $new_current_products_count up from $current_products_count" new_products=$(diff <(echo "$current_products") <(echo "$new_current_products")) echo "$new_products" message="There's new acronym:${new_products}" osascript -e 'display notification "'"${message}"'" with title "heads up"' break fi sleep ${sleep_interval} done this will check at the interval you specify for new products and send you a notification if a new one is posted. Default is every 5 seconds, run it with e.g. "1m" for every minute or "1s" to DDOS erlsn
  8. eidolarr


    I don't think you are right about GTV, think it's actually different goretex. It's listed as 2.5L rather than 3L, and if you look at the pics where the cuff is rolled back, it has a more paclite-ish texture closely resembling that on the J1A-GTV. Think J76 and J36 are standouts for me, latter because it's an improvement to one of my favorites, and former because it's a perfect blend of utility and aesthetic. Only miss for me is the P32-DS because I'd hate to have to deal with one of those 90 degree zips on a fabric so structureless as DS -- opening the zip would be a two-handed affair every time EDIT: pretty cool that even now 6 hours later there's a full size run of pretty much everything.