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  1. I've been using a pair of Outlier climbers, which are an older generation of the same fabric, as powerlifting pants for about three years now. Hundreds of deadlifts and powercleans scraping up and down, and not a single scratch stays. Similarly, I tripped rushing for a metro train in the rain in my P10TS-DS the other day, and though the pants were unmarked, my knee underneath was scraped to hell. That said, I missed attaching a clip on one of these chin up belt things, and it went right through the fabric of the climbers. So I guess the abrasion resistance is way better than the puncture resistance.
  2. A good idea, but unfortunately I believe the limiting factor is the production pipeline, not the designs. The factory that makes it can only make so much, and is typically at-capacity.
  3. The interior fuzz is kinda shoddy and has worn off completely in the crotch/thighs, but I guess I don't understand its purpose? I'm not bothered now that it's gone at all. The Acronym pants don't have that fuzz, maybe because they use a newer generation of the fabric. One thing that worries me: though DrySkin seems to be extremely abrasion resistance, it punctures very easily.
  4. For what it's worth, I've got a pair of Outlier Climbers, which are made of a very similar material to the P10TS-DS. I've owned them for about four years, and I've done lots of barbell training in them, which involves dragging a knurled steel bar up against the shins repeatedly. I've thrown em in the wash absolutely caked in chalk many times, and they're still as black as the day I got them. So you are likely fine washing the P10's as often as you want.
  5. I looked at mine and the pockets are sealed proper, so it might just be you. Sorry dude.
  6. Weird! To be clear, you're talking about the external pocket, right? (There are no internal pockets)
  7. Missed this, sorry. No bag, no sheet, hence the discount. It was the last one they had and was on the rack. This was an in person purchase; the guy probably wouldn't have mentioned the spec sheet etc if I hadn't asked.
  8. I recently purchased from Kith as well. They typically have the spec sheets upon request, or if they don't, they'll give you a 10% discount. Just keep hassling them and they'll take your return or give you some cash back.
  9. Small restock at https://acrnm.com/ J47R and J46U in M. I also ordered a 62. Just shipped yesterday after the label sat for a week or so.
  10. What size?
  11. FYI, there's still a good amount of Acronym at Kith on Bleecker. P10TS in S, J1TS-S in M, J61 in M, etc.
  12. Can you elaborate on what specifically blows you away about the J47r? I looked at it and thought it was cool but nothing crazy.
  13. How different do they "feel"? Is the high density also noisy? How water resistant is it? How heavy? How structured?
  14. Can anyone compare the high-density gabardine in the J1TS-S to Goretex pro in the J1A-GT?