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    yeeee true. That plus hype cooling just a little bit. Second hand market is also coming back down to earth which is great. NG4-PS is a great example.
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    Damn, compare releases today to a few years ago. The J47TS-GT release I remember having to buy things before I could even read what they were, for ever-increasing prices, because otherwise it would sell out instantly. Today P10A-E, which is a great pair of pants, has almost a full size run available a month after release. Prices are higher, but that's better than prices higher and can't kop. I was worried about innovation but i'm not anymore. M fabric is great. New J16 is great. P38-GTB is exactly the amount of overkill I like to see (but not buy lol). J99 and J93 are both sick. It's a great time to be an acronym fan.
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