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  1. glow-in-the-dark cow-print jumbo logo balaclava?? Whatever acronym may be, it’s certainly not predictable
  2. Did the original j68 have aux zip? The chest pocket is canted compared to the one on the j58 — how well does it work with the access zipper on the j1? Seems like it might be better but it depends on the shape of the pocket. edit no aux zip on the original, which his iteration came in raf which imo is way better for this jacket
  3. I know this is a lot to ask (unironically) but what if instead of nitpicking about single throwaway phrases in otherwise great posts, we add to the convo? 2021ish doesn’t seem too far fetched to me in terms of sales. that run of j1bs during the multi season in fw20 could be the best they’ve ever done given the volume… they sold out pretty much everywhere and there were a lot of stockists and colorways. Where would you put the peak, spitballing? Or, where would you say the decline started, if at all? In terms of designs, or in terms of business? You hear why? They run a sale?
  4. To clarify, I meant if he wants to be able to keep selling acronym at elevated prices, and to sell out even with the much increased production and stockists of today vs 2018, he needs to keep captivating the hypebeast crowd. since techwear’s moment in the sun is faded he needs to find something new to draw hype, to move volume. So he’s making bold moves that aren’t landing, with this crowd at least. ofc I’m personally with you, I would much rather he stay niche, focus on the original vision and slow iteration, and sell smaller runs to the longtime fans. Like he was happy to do for 20 years. 🤷
  5. Is visvim a fair comparison though? There will always be infinite appetite for nostalgic Americana with a narrative about quality craftsmanship behind it. OTOH, outside of techwear’s moment a few years ago, idk how much room there was to scale up production of the core pieces without blowing out market demand. Especially since in streetwear exclusivity is a concern. Just dunno how viable the visvim “fill out your niche” strategy is for acronym, if they wanna grow they have to keep evolving. which seems to be what they’re trying to do, with um mixed results edit also I know I’ve said this before but my sense is that keeping acronym prestigious is more valuable than cashing out rn. And as long as the core pieces are rare and sought after, they can release lots of duds trying to find the next hit, while always having the hooded j28 or the p24a in their back pocket when needed to drum up interest
  6. I adore the p30a but they are already borderline costumewear if not balanced out. Spikes are really gonna push that. On the other hand, I guess they’ll be even more perfect for BASEMENT lol. unrelated, did anyone get the new j97? Love love love the j97m, curious to see how it fits with the more structured fabric.
  7. To be fair the original P38 was v. different from the current model. It’s been cool watching them iterate, even if it’s a lil too extra for me edit unless I’m trippin. Wasn’t the original p38 the debut of that style of fly zip, and basically that was its only flashy feature?
  8. Looks like they’ve got the phone pocket and perhaps even a mezz pocket now?
  9. hope the obtrusive branding is a seasonal theme like multicolor or tecsys and not a permanent change going forward
  10. 100%, pink j1a would be incredible You're comparing a new jacket design to probably the two most all-time beloved hype pieces. Even at peak acronym hype what you're saying would be true. They've been doing this shit for 20 years. They operated through the 2008 recession when all luxury brands from SLP to Rick rotated through Gilt at some point, so feeble were retail sales across the board. a broad cooling in the consumer spending market is so impactful that trying to pin it on weak designs is just noise in comparison edit to add a little beyond just "ur wrong," I have observed that when brands jump the shark like this, they continue to sell strong long after the hardcore fans like this board have totally written them off. The market doesn't react that fast, it takes a long time for the news to reach clout chasers. When acronym really washes up financially you will already have long stopped reading this thread or hoping for them to do better
  11. Late to the discussion but it’s also important to remember the market correction since early 2022, plus the looming fears of a recession (which we might actually evade!). True acrnm stepped up supply substantially but consumer spending has also cooled materially across the board. Comically unfortunate timing for Errolson as far as increasing production goes.
  12. Little late, but for dream jacket makeups, I'd adore a J97 in Merino wool. That would be the perfect travel layer -- warm, breathable, odor-resistant, etc.
  13. Rofmia is really on another level in terms of craftsmanship, but the aesthetic is quite different
  14. On the topic of J105-DS, if anyone is in Seoul, Coevo absolutely still has some black/black in stock at their physical shop. The one on the rack was M, but you can call to ask about other sizes. (Not the jacket for me since I'm short and muscular, and plus im a gaijin.)
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