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  1. cause4pause

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Fit pic with the LVC 50s-XX. I think these are going to be slow faders, especially being a weekend pair, but that fabric looks great.
  2. cause4pause

    SOMET Denim

    Some progress pics and closeup photos of my Somet 005 at about 4-5 months of wear and a bunch of washes. For some reason, they've aged a lot faster than expected, faster than all of my other jeans. The crotch area is thinning out in a few spots and will probably blow out in a little while. These were hemmed at Blue in Green (at time of purchase), worn a bit, then tapered at Williamsburg Garment Company as I found the combination of greying fabric and straight leg fit gave off too much of a "dad vibe". Dark spots on the fabric and leather patch are from moisture on the dewy morning grass. Although not pictured, the fly buttons have gold coloured brass posts. Subtle detail. Gold-plated rivets. Even the backs of these rivets are gold-plated. Still shiny. Himeji leather patch. It started off bright white and aged to a shade of cream. These leather patches are naturally bleached in the waters of the Ichi River. Offset back belt loop. Roping from the hemming done at BiG.
  3. cause4pause

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I could be wrong, but the selvedge line in this fabric was probably always a faded pink instead of true red. During the time of searching, all pairs seemed to have the same type of selvedge line, and all of them were made in 1999. Curious to see if this particular model from LVCJ was ever made in other years and with other fabrics.
  4. cause4pause

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Since I've spent most of my raw denim time with Japanese brands, I thought it would be good to try a pair of LVC. This pair of LVCJ 50s-XX from 1999 popped up at a reasonable price and almost unused condition. Seller measured it smaller than it really was and it stretches easily with wear. I could have gone down a size or even two The inseam also turned out a good deal longer than I wanted, as I hoped to rock them with a short inseam, ivy style. It's a comfortable fit without looking too baggy, and I'm liking that high rise for a change. Doesn't even need a belt to stay up. The construction seems a bit sloppier than I've grown used to seeing in my other pairs, with ample amounts of loose thread ends throughout, but I'm very happy with them nevertheless. Fabric is quite interesting too, grainy and bumpy, some fluffiness, and just a bit crispy. Some of the colours look a lot warmer than in real life, courtesy of that early morning sun. But here's a bunch of photos of some jeans on dewy grass, taken by some weirdo at about 7 in the morning.
  5. cause4pause

    The Flat Head

    @Cold Summerthanks, most appreciated.
  6. cause4pause

    The Flat Head

    Would anyone know what sort of cotton Flat Head uses for their denim? Quite a few pages back, I believe Kiya mentioned Zimbabwe cotton in their 18oz fabric. What about their 16oz and 14oz denim?
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