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  1. cause4pause

    The Flat Head

    Thanks for your insight. I just got a notice that the seller took the listing down as soon as I reached out. Quite a pity.
  2. cause4pause

    The Flat Head

    Hello folks. Recently got myself a Flatty and have been pretty obsessed, reading through a couple of hundred of the pages on this thread. A quick question about Flat Head Balder jeans, on the off chance that anyone knows. Can anyone comment if they were ever produced with non-selvedge fabric, or if for whatever reason some runs of this model had a plain, white over-lock seam on the outseam near the cuffs? I Found one going for a steal and it could possibly be a good fit for my wife, but it seems to have that aforementioned overlock stitch on the outseam (instead of an expected pink line selvedge) and lacks that little brown label on edge of the back right pocket. I've seen examples with and without this label but never with a non-selvedge outseam. Gut feel tells me it's a fake, but as to why anyone would want to make a fake Flat Head Balder is beyond me. Unless it's just a poorly tapered boot cut Balder...appreciate any insight. Thanks.
  3. cause4pause

    Evisu is still loved!

    Thanks so much, Chambo and Bill. Great info. The fabric sounds promising. I was wondering why they looked a little green whatever the lighting was!
  4. cause4pause

    Evisu is still loved!

    Thanks for your reply. I’ve been trying to read up more about these but have come up pretty empty. The colour of the selvedge somehow resembles photos I’ve seen of the number 1 and 2 denim ranges, but I’m hesitant to believe they are the same. There have also been posts about Evisu jeans that are made in China versus Macau. Are they for the same market? Those jeans are indeed huge and look pretty dowdy on me, almost falling off my hips!
  5. cause4pause

    Evisu is still loved!

    Hello folks, I'm new to Evisu. Could someone please clue me in on this pair I found recently? It definitely looks recent and is probably nothing compared to the grail pairs that are being discussed here. But I was curious if anybody knew roughly when these were made and what sort of denim it uses, where it was made, sanforized versus unsanforized. It has a pink selvedge line. The coin pocket also features this selvedge line. Back pockets have hidden rivets, are half lined and have the black seagull motifs printed on each. I don't think they've been hemmed but interestingly enough they did not use the chainstitch that I thought were to be expected in these sorts of jeans. They seem to fit pretty roomy with a long rise and a straight cut. Are they worth wearing or is this just for the brand? Thanks in advance.
  6. cause4pause

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Found a pair of Levi's X kcKLOT jeans while thrifting and can't find a whole lot of info on them except a couple of Hypebeast articles. They feature selvedge denim with silver thread woven in, Talon zippers, and has the XX designation on the (possibly faux) leather patch but I'm not sure if they have anything to do with LVC...just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask in case someone knew more about this collab. Do we know how many examples were produced and where the denim comes from? This one actually does fit me, so I might do some minor alterations and use it if I were in the mood for something trippy looking.
  7. cause4pause

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Thanks so much for both of your responses.
  8. cause4pause

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Hello folks, I was wondering if any of the knowledgeable people here would be able to help me with an ID of these please. I came across what looks to be a more recent run of the 505-0217 (has a Levi's engraving on a YKK zipper), but can't put a finger on the date of manufacture, whether it's from the LVC line (it features the big 'E' on the red tag with a registered symbol), and what sort of selvedge fabric it uses. The back paper/cardboard tag has an "XX" on it, but presume it's sanforized given the use of a zipper fly. The single bronze popper button has no factory code behind it, but the tag suggests manufacture in USA. The pocket bags do not feature the "Levi's" print, which seems to indicate it's not from the current LVC line. The selvedge line features red threading. And the 36" inseam does look longer than the usual 32-34" inseams that I see. Would shrinkage be expected to be 3% at the very most on the first wash? Does anyone have broken-in, faded in examples of this fabric? Hope the photos are enough, and would be glad to hear information from you.